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Yup. I made a new Wattpad acount. 
You can find my story based on my Mafia!Romano fic and a few other original works I've been working on. Hope you guys will check it out. 
I'm under the name VeraChendra. 
Here's the link:…
Love, Priya.
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If I was to turn any of my fanfics into actual books, would you read it?
I would obviously tweak a few things and add in some new ideas.
Depending on the response to the question, I'll tell you which story I want to turn into a book.
Thank you, Priya.
         The Red Queen. A magnificent ship. Two masts that held up two silky grey sails. The deck decorated with mahogany rails and the deck worn with blood and water. The ratlines had been tied perfectly  together. The wheel was manned by a single man. His hand trembled as he steered the giant ship to it destination. It was entrusted to him, so he had to handle it or die. Eyes on the sea  looking for any enemy ships. None. The ship was silent as the sea. The dense fog parted for the vessel to move through. 
    The man sailed to his captain and first mate who were waiting on the shore. The crew was down below sleeping or tending to morning chores. They left him alone to keep watch. So far so good but the fog was hard to watch. 
     "Alright men." The blonde buccaneer set one foot on the railing and another on his ship. He held a cutlass in his left and a rope on his right. 
     "Yo, Arthur." An American called out. He wore a stripped shirt and some beeches. A red bandana around his neck. 
    "Captain Arthur. Or Captain Kirkland. Or just plain and simple Captain-" 
  "Whatever. Why are we after this ship?" 
  "I heard that this certain captain is rather interesting." He smirked.  
  "What do you mean 'interesting?'" 
  "Just a lot of gold and a interesting rumor, Alfred." 
  "What rumor?"
  "Oh shut it and get ready!" Arthur Kirkland snapped at the American. 
 "Alright then." Alfred turned to the men and began shouting out orders. 
  "Okay, bastard! What the hell are we doing here?!" The grumpy Italian asked/yelled. He held his dagger ready as he steered the wheel. A odd curl sticker out of his brown hair and a scowl on his face. 
   "Just following a rumor, Lovi." Green eyes peered from under a red pirate hat. The man pulled the hat off to revel  brown hair to his neck tied with a red ribbon. He had a dangerous mischievous smirk that hinted danger. 
    "Don't call me Lovi damnit! And what is this f*cking rumor?"
    "A very interesting one." He stood on the railings and grabbed a ratline.
    "It better be a whole s*** ton of gold!" 
    "Gold and someone else." 
    "Whose this someone? Can't we just take the gold and supplies instead?"
    "It will be worth our while. I promise." The man grabbed his red coat and draped it over his shoulders. A pin in the center secured it on him. He grabbed his cutlass and examined the sharp blade. 
    Taking this ship, the captain and its gold would put him far ahead of that Bloody Brit! 
    "Get ready!" He yelled at his crew. 

   The man yawned and stretched. He took his hand off the wheel for a moment. It was quiet and nothing seemed to be happening. 
   Boom! The mans eyes snapped up to see a splash by the starboard side.
   The man was thrown back against the  railing behind him. From the second deck that over looked the first he saw nothing. 
  "What the hell?" 
  Out of nowhere ropes attached themselves to the ship. Out the dense fog men came out. The held their cutlasses in their mouths and climes aboard. 
   The watchman rang the bell alerting the men below. The men came out with their cutlasses and pistols. 
   "Get ye lazy behinds above deck! We're under-!" The man was cutoff by a knife. He fell dead to the floor with his eyes still open and mouth still agape. 
   "Thank you for that but we need the crew alive." Arthur Kirkland wiped off the blood from his sword and turned to the crew of the The Red Queen. "Now that I have your attention." 
   He jumped down to the deck below. The men tensed. This was the Arthur Kirkland. One of the most infamous pirates and as well the most brutal.
    "What in the blazes is going on here?!" A young girl no older than 13 stepped out. Her black hair a mess from being woken up so early. Her brown eyes blazed at the British pirate. "You."
    "Simple. Call out your captain and we can.... talk." The crew men on the Red Queen were outmanned and and outgunned. All guns were pointed at them. 
    "Our captain is not here."
    "First mate?" The American asked.
    "With the Captain." 
    "Whose in charge then?"
    "Your looking right at her!" The little girl growled. 
    "You?!" All heads whipped to little girl. 
    "Too bad." Arthur grabbed the little girl and put a knife to her throat. "Bring me the captain and you can have this little flower back." 
    "Mira!" A little boy yelled. He bursted through. He had the girls features. Twins perhaps?
    "Stand back, Prem!" Mira yelled. She struggled in the captains hold. 
    "Enough!" Arthur yelled. He swung the girl on his shoulder and jumped off the ship. His crew followed him onto the ship. 
    "You will pay for this, Kirkland! Our captain will not stand for this!" Prem yelled at the Brit. 
    "Oh! Is that so!" He laughed. "Tell your captain that I'm Captain Arthur Kirkland! if you want this lass here, she has to come and find me!" The ship set sail with cannons pointed at the Red Queen. They disappeared into the mist and left the crew men baffled. 
    "To your stations immediately! We have to get to the captain!" 
    "Yes, sir." Nobody wasted time. 
    Never disobey orders. That was one rule the captain had made sure that all the pirates on her ship followed. Even if she was kind and  their captain. She wasn't going to be happy about this. 

    "Well this is a fine mess." You sighed. 
    "It was you idea, (Name.)" Elizabeta said. She struggled against the chains. 
    "Didn't know the English wanted to hang us." 
    "What happened to the treasure?" 
    "I stashed it. We need to get to the rendez vous point."
    "Oi! Pirates! Shut it!" A British officer growled at you two. You looked up at the officer. He wasn't that bad looking. Thank god! You hate doing this but hey at least he wasn't ugly. 
    "Us? Pirates?! You must be mistaken, sir." You said in a sweet voice. 
    "Spare it!" He scoffed. 
    "Aw!" You leaned foreword close to his face. The officer gulped as he noticed how lovely you were. Nice (h/c) hair, lovely (e/c) eyes and a small amount of cleavage showing.  "I thought a handsome officer like you would at least be fair to a girl-" Elizabeta cleared her throat. "-two girls in distress." You lips were almost close to his. 
    "Nice try, pirate." He drew back and glared coldly at you. "I don't know who you are-"
    "I'm offended! How rude. To think that the British were gentlemen. Hmft!" You stuck your nose in the air and turned away. The officer rolled his eyes and went back guarding. 
    "(Name.)" Elizabeta sighed. "Seriously?" 
    "C'mon. I became a Pirate so I could be the best female Captain in the seven seas."
   "You are a good captain. Just the men don't look at you as one." 
    "Well....screw them!" You brought out the key you stole and unlocked the heavy padlock. The chains fell off you two with a clank. 
     The officer looked up and go out his musket to shoot at you. You rolled your eyes and kicked him in a vital area before he could shoot. Then you kicked him in the stomach when he was down. 
    "Listen here." You picked him up by the collar. "I'm Captain (Name). Captain of the infamous Red Queen. Tell your superiors when you wake up that they can try to catch me but they never will because I'm the best god damn female pirate they have ever met!" You punched him in the face effectively knocking him out. 
   "Captain." Liz threw you your sword. It was given to you by the predecessor of The Red Queen. He taught you how sail and fight. Sadly he died a year ago leaving you this ship and all the pirate along with it. He was also your uncle but that's a story for another time.
    "Thank you, first mate Liz. " you kicked the door open and ran out. You two had to get out of the prison before more guards showed up. 
     "Get those pirates!" They started firing shots at you. 
     "Other way!" You both ran in the opposite direction dodging bullets. 
     "Fire!" More shots were being shot at you in the other way. You back was against a door. 
    "Now what?" Liz asked. 
    "Up." You swung open a door to revel the stairs to the roof. You both ran as the soldiers tried to fit through the narrow staircase. You bother ended up on the roof but with a dead end. You looked down at the waters below. 
    "Don't tell we have to-"
    "Aye." You took a few steps back before running full speed and jumping.  
    "This isn't in my job description." Elizabeta jumped off with you after sighing. 
    You dived in. You shot back up to the surface gasping. Elizabeta landed soon after you. You both swam to rocks to hide out of sight from the soldiers. 
   The officer yelled from the top. They ended up peering over the side to see of you two survived or not. They all went back giving up but sent troops around to look for you in case you did survive. 
    "Let's go." You both swam into the cave and pulled your selfs onto dry land. You pushed a rock over to revel a sac. "Nobody found it. Phew!" You swung it over your shoulder. "Do you see them, Liz?"
    "Yes but...." Her eyebrows furrowed. "They seem to be in a hurry. Their coming in too fast." 
    "That can't be good. I told them to sail in the fog for a reason." A frown came on your face.
    "Do you think they were attacked? We did make a reputation for ourselves."
    "I wonder what idiot decided to attack us." You tucked your (h/c) in your feathered hat and walked into the small waves to meet your pick up party. Liz came in just behind you. 
    You two wasted no time hoping into the boat. 
   "Leon." You greeted the stolid man. His emotionless brown eyes stayed the same as he rowed back to the ship. 
   "Captain." He greeted back. 
   "What's going on?" Liz asked. 
   "We were attacked." 
   "Oh. By who?" You raised an eyebrow. 
   "Prem will explain that to you." 
   "What about Mira?" You asked. You did put her in charge.
   "It's best if Prem explains." 
   "Very well." You leaned back and looked at you ship getting closer and closer. Were those holes on the side of your ship?! And you just had repaired!
   "Captain!" Prem yelled as soon as he saw your rowboat. 
    "Ah Prem. Explain what happened to my ship." You said. You hosted your self onto the deck and crossed your arms. Your hat shades your face making you look intimidating and rather scary.
   "Kirkland." Was all he said. He gulped and took a step hack. You sighed and walked into your cabin. Everybody expected you to flip out. 
   "Well? Are we going to get Mira or not?!" You snapped at them. "Set course to England! I have a score to settle with Kirkland!"
   Everybody stumbled over their feet to get to their stations. They did not want to deal with an angry Captain (Name.)
   You laid in your cabin absolutely exhausted. A hand was thrown over your eyes as you exhaled.  
   "Captain?" There was soft knocking. 
   "Come in." You got up. "And call me (Name.) You know me long enough."
   "(Name?)" Prem and Elizabetha stepped through. "Are you okay?"
   "Define okay." You laughed bitterly. 
   "What was it that you stole from the duke?" Prem examined the bag on your table. Maps marked with X's and dots were scattered. Candles melted down to the bottom. Notes and pieces of papers were scribbled with your elegant/messy scrawl. 
    "A map." You pulled the scroll out. "It was entrusted to him by my parents but the bastard refused to give it back to me when the passed away." 
    "To where?" 
    "My family's treasure." You said. Leon and Liz nodded. They were your most trusted mates and they knew of you and your troubled last. "But before we embark on this journey, we need to go to England. We can't leave Mira out. She'll kick my arse." 
    "Okay! We've been following this stupid ship for hours? Do we f****** attack it or not?" 
    "Patience." The Spanish Captain said. He leaned against the railing as he watched The Red Queen sail at a safe distance from them.
    "Now?" Lovino asked getting very impatient. 
    "Now." With that, a canon was aimed at The Red Queen. "Fire!" 
    The canon ball whistled through the air as it hit the water just behind the ship. There was a giant splash that went up high above causing the crew to wake up. At least they were alert. 
    "Get ready to board, you bastards!" Lovino yelled at the crew. He pulled alongside the Red Queen. 
    The crew the The Red Queen looked ready to fight. So was Captain Antonio's crew. Soon both crews were at each others throats. 
    Antonio grabbed a rope and swung himself over to the enemy deck. He brandished his battle axe and his green eyes flashed in excitement as he fought his way to the captain quarters.
    "What the hell?" You mumbled as you got up.
    The commotion from outside ruined your sleep. 
    You looked out the door for a minute to see utter hell and chaos breaking out. You shut the door again and face palmed. Who attacks a person at night? Some of us are trying to get our beauty sleep here. 
    "Damnit Kirkland!" You growled. You just went from really sleepy to cranky. 
    Beside the door was a bow and your arrows that you carried around just in case. 
    You grabbed your cutlass and your jacket that you threw around your shoulders as you walked out. 
    Of course as soon as you got out, a stupid pirate decided to attack you. You stepped back and tripped him. He ended up in a barrel of raw fish. Since when did you have a barrel of raw fish? 
    Above you was the main deck. You grabbed the ledge and swung yourself up. You hoisted yourself up. 
    "Captain!" Prem yelled. He was trying to hold off three pirates and they were starting to push him towards the edge of the ship. You growled and pulled out your cutlass as you slashed one pirate on the back. He screamed and fell. The other one faced you and took a swipe. You jumped back. He tried again to jab but you sidestepped and cut his hand causing him to drop the cutlass. You kicked it away and kicked him in the stomach. That sent him flying off the rail ad onto the deck below. 
    "Are you okay, Prem?" you asked the boy. He put away his cutlass and kicked the dead body at his feet.
    "Perfectly fine, Captain. Shall we end this?" He asked. 
    "We shall but first..." You pulled out an arrow and pulled your bowstring back. "Show me where's the idiot of the the Captain who attacked my ship!" 
    You spotted a opulent red coat and a shiny battle axe that was already coated in blood. You let the arrow go. It flew through the air and hit it's mark. 

    Captain Antonio felt the whoosh of something go past his head and soon his feathered hat was stuck to the mast behind him. 
    "THAT IS ENOUGH!" He heard someone yell. 
    Another arrow flew through the air as it hit a sail. The sail glided down and covered the majority of the fighting crew. Both crew members struggled to get out of the sail that stopped their fighting. 
    He turned around to face the main deck. 
    One top of the main deck a women pointed an arrow at him. 
    For once in his life Captain Antonio Fernández Carriedo lowered his weapon for somebody. A very beautiful somebody.

    "If you don't mind," You jumped off the rail and landed on the deck in a almost cat like fashion. "Who the hell are you and why the hell are you on my ship?" You asked the man in front of you.
    The jerk had enough courage to smirk at you. "Lo siento, seniorita." He purred in a very smooth accent. 
    'Captain (Name) of The Red Queen.' Antonio thought. He smirked. 
    "I didn't know that this ship belonged to a very beautiful captain." 
    You rolled your eyes. "What do you want?"
    "An ally."

   I'm a time traveler. 
   I travel through time and space. 
   There are places I get to wander,
   And different people and faces 
    The TARDIS is my faithful ship. 
    All of my secrets are hidden within. 
    It is a final reminder of my kin. 
    Through the wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff and Dales and Cybermen,
    She is my constant companion till the end. 

   Besides my TARDIS, I'm mostly lonely,
   I do have from time to time companions. 
   Yet their lives are in danger constantly,
   Usually because of me. 
   Some have left me, not being able to stand the pain and agony. 
   Others were left behind and are nothing but ghosts in the past.
   A few have even died in my company, 
   They do however hold special places somewhere in my two beating hearts. 
   Yet I'm still here, the last of the last. 

   Sarah Jane Smith. 
   Rory and Amy Pond. 
   Donna Noble. 
   Melody Pond. 
   Rose Tyler and Jack Harkness. 

   I'm a time traveler. 
   I lived for long, 
   Much too long. 
   Almost nine hundred years for your information. 

    My names the Doctor, 
    And this is my life.
    Where in the universe shall we go?
Yup. I made a new Wattpad acount. 
You can find my story based on my Mafia!Romano fic and a few other original works I've been working on. Hope you guys will check it out. 
I'm under the name VeraChendra. 
Here's the link:…
Love, Priya.
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United States
I was born in Brooklyn and I am currently in my sophomore year.
My favorite color is purple.
I'm a serious person but I can have fun when I want too.
My favorite song is Fireflies by Owl City. I like listening to Vocaliod too.
I like to draw, watch anime, write stories and read a book in my free time.
I like uniqueness and I think it's okay to be yourself no matter how different you are.
I enjoy watching Hetalia. The occasional Bollywood or Chinese action movie.
My favorite food is broccoli cheddar soup with Italian bread.
My favorite drink is ice tea, tea, or Pepsi.
I hate arguing/yelling/screaming. Unless I'm mad I will do those things.
Weird fact: caffeine doesn't make me hyper, it the opposite, I fall asleep soon after.

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