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Crashed (LokiXReader) 6
After going back to the dining room, you listened patiently as Thor explained his plan to the others.
"Sweet! Road trip!" Tony said, unfolding his arms before leaning back into his chair.
"Will your father be okay with this?" Natasha asked, leaning forward so that her crossed arms rested on the table.
"Yes, he would be more than happy to welcome friends." Thor folded his arms across his chest, "Besides, Heimdall has probably already informed my father of our plan."
"Well, if Thor says it's okay then I'm going to trust him." Clint leaned back in his chair, precariously balancing it on two legs before draping an arm over the back of Natasha's chair. Natasha rolled her eyes before looking back over at Thor, "When are we leaving?"
"Tomorrow, I would think we should get a good night's rest before leaving."
"Sounds good." Bruce said before standing up and beginning to clear away the dishes. You and Steve both stood up and began to help carry the dishes away to the kitchen while everyone else
:iconrainbow-tiger:Rainbow-Tiger 99 72
Loki x Reader-Two Weeks Ch.1
   "Loki, I have had much patience with you, but now it is gone. Your insistence on not marrying is unacceptable, so I will give you two weeks to find a suitable wife. You need not love her- you just have to get along with her, and we all know that is going to be the hardest thing for you."
    Prince Loki of Asgard was infuriated, but before he could even object the All-father held up his hand to silence him.
    "Go now. You have two weeks."
At this Loki turned on his heel and stormed from the great throne room, throwing open the doors and shoving aside guards, his green cape furiously flapping behind him. Inside his chambers he through his furniture around and froze the entire room until he was left panting on the icey floor, done with his tantrum. You were just a young servant, but you knew Prince Loki very well- knew of his angry bouts, but also knew about his softer moments when he was caring and kind. They were rare, but they were beautiful. You kno
:iconredwildflower2:redwildflower2 115 13
Thor's warprize 5 by Florbe Thor's warprize 5 :iconflorbe:Florbe 668 34
Loki x Reader - Partners: Ch 52 - Finale
Several years passed, you and Loki alternated time between Earth and Asgard. Whenever the two of you were on Asgard, you would spend a few hours in the library, idly scanning among the many books. You and Loki had given up on the dream of you living as long as he and chose to make sure you would enjoy the most out of your short years with him instead.
On one summer day, Loki was off overseeing the reconstruction of the town the two of you had first visited on your honeymoon, so many years prior. You opted to stay behind and read in the library.
You sat at Loki’s favorite desk, in the corner where he had once been kidnapped, munching a sweet roll. Your eyes scanned along a set of notes that had been tucked away and not seen the light of day since they were written. It vaguely occurred to you that he might have been working on this set the day he had gone missing.
Suddenly you stopped, a particular phrase catching your eye.
‘Romju’, it read. You tilted your head
:iconphoenix2790:Phoenix2790 27 44
The Vala Prophecy - Loki x Reader - Prologue
You were never really sure where you came from, but what mattered more was where you were going. That was the life of a SHIELD agent.
You didn’t remember your childhood. Literally. It was like someone cut out the beginning film strip of a movie, and you were left to wonder what was going on since you turned seven.
The SHIELD agents told you that you had come from an orphanage in a secret village that they had originally assumed was a Hydra hideout. They soon discovered that it was a more convoluted scheme than that. In one village house, they found entries, logs, and maps from nine places throughout time and space. They’d only been able to locate two of them. One of them, named Midgard, was definitely a codename for Earth. They only figured out the other realm, Asgard, existed because you accidentally got sent there when you were on a mission.
You were on an undercover assignment in Japan, pretending to be a cover band touring throughout Tokyo in various clubs becau
:iconblairdiggory:blairdiggory 13 0
Loki X Reader : Forged Anew - Epilogue
    [Y/n] curled onto her side and draped an arm over his waist, contented and thoroughly exhausted.  Loki smiled to himself.  The hour was incredibly late.  Or early, depending on how one looked at it.  They’d spent the night scaling the heights of ecstasy- the likes of which he’d never experienced before.  Still smiling, he wrapped one arm around her and sighed.
    Every moment of today had embodied the essence of the word.  Far beyond any of his wildest dreams.  Loki relished the knowledge that his bride felt the same.  He’d wanted so much for this night to be perfect for her.  To be the one she deserved to have.
    Loki replayed in his mind memories of the beautiful passion [Y/n] had shown him.  So responsive and giving…Gods, even the few times they’d kissed before tonight hadn’t prepared him for the depth of it.  Partly because in
:iconvernichtenalles:VernichtenAlles 17 16
Mature content
Loki x Reader - Give Me Love Ch37 FINAL :iconanimefreak141:AnimeFreak141 13 2
Loki X Reader: Ice Queen Part 1
"Ugh, it's so hot out..." you muttered bitterly.
"Come on (Y/N), don't be a drag!" Kasumi smiled enjoying the warmth of the sun.
You were at San Diego on the beach with your three friends (one who was your sister) Kasumi, Paige and Giselle. You were all taking a break from life and decided to go to San Diego for warmth and sunshine.
You were all dropped off at the airport and after a long ride from Chicago you made it. However you were forced to come and be on the beach to have some fun.
"Just think of this as a biiiig slumber party!" your sister Paige cheered.
"I don't think our dad would approve of all the boys though..." you pointed out at all the men both good looking and not.
"I know I do." Paige winked.
"Oooh! Lets go pick our spot out!" Giselle gleamed.
You all began unpacking your things out of your bag when a guy with dark brown hair with was slightly tanned looked at Giselle and asked. "Need help unpacking?"
"Sure!" she grinned as he helped her lay out her towel.
You s
:iconroseredflower:RoseRedFlower 39 25
A Christmas to Reminisce [LokixReaderxAvengers]
Your patience was running thin. You gave the door another hard knocking, yet he wouldn't come out. Loki locked himself in his room. You detested how stubborn he could be. 
"Loki, open up. Everyone is ready except you."
"I do not wish to take part in this Midgardian custom," he said arguably. 
"Suck it up," you spat through gritted teeth. 
"I am not familiar with that phrase."
"It means stop being so goddamn arrogant and come out!"
"You cannot damn a God, mortal."
You furiously tried turning the knob, but of course it wouldn't budge. Loki probably locked it further with his magic. You refused to beg. That would be desperation. Loki didn't fall for reverse psychology, and your threats were empty outside the door. So you sighed a heavy sigh. 
"I guess I won't get what I wanted this year." Your voice was sad and quiet. You turned to walk away. The door opened slightly. Loki didn't come out, rather, he spoke softly.
"What do you mean, (name)?"
You gently pushed the door
:iconlady-paladin-skye:Lady-Paladin-Skye 75 3
The Right Partner (Winter Soldier x Reader) {12}
[NYC near STARK Tower—Christmas Eve]
The snow flew around you and you could see your breath as you walk the city streets. You walked until you reached the tower, for only ever being here once before you remembered where it was. That and the fact it’s obvious with the Tony’s name on the side of the building. You had hacked your way across the world and knew everyone was spending Christmas here. You had read the countless emails that a change of scenery would be good for everyone.
You were nervous, two long years had gone by, two years of being dead…well a ghost really. But this was the first time to could freely come back to everyone. The two years you were “gone” you had tracked down everyone last person that was involved in the HYDRA project. You left dear old dad for last and you gave him no mercy. He begged forgiveness but there was none to give. You played with the ring that was on a chain around your neck. Had he moved o
:iconwanderinpikachu:WanderinPikachu 22 14
Crashed (LokiXReader) 3
"This is your room," Natasha said, setting down the shopping bags by the bed.
"Wow," you whispered to yourself, turning in circles to take in the full room. You could tell that Tony had designed it because everything was sleek and modern styled with a full wall of windows overlooking New York.
"I'll be on the seventy fifth floor with the guys if you need anything else. Tony's down the opposite hall, three doors on the right," Natasha told you as she turned to leave.
"Thanks!" You called after her. She shut the bedroom door behind her as she left. You sat down on the white bed of the room, glancing out the window before lying down.
This is one realistic dream...
.....Meanwhile in the lab.....
"I don't like it Bruce, she was just there! She came out of nowhere," Tony spoke, fiddling with the iron man helmet in front of him.
"Tony," Bruce turned and looked at his friend, pushing his glasses upwards, "We don't know how she ended up there and as far as we know, she doesn't know eit
:iconrainbow-tiger:Rainbow-Tiger 94 40
Crashland Protocol - Part X [Pietro x Reader]
“Bună dimineața, frumoaso."
You sleepily smack at Pietro's chest. "I told you not to call me that.”
“You told me not to call you darling.” He whispers. “So, I did not.”
“Loophole-finding bastard.” you mumble, burrowing your face into his neck.
The moment you do so, you hear a series of thumping footfalls, increasing in speed and noise with every step.
"Brother, I have exciting…”
The voice dies away.
You and Pietro both look up to see Wanda in the doorway of the room, eyes practically bulging.
Too late, you realize that Pietro’s arms are still wound around your waist, and you’re practically snuggled into his shoulders.

Wanda’s face doesn’t move an inch, but her lips thin and what little color she has in her cheeks disappear.
Pietro finally disentangles himself from you, staring up at her sheepishly. “Wanda…”
She lifts her chin at him, co
:iconkatnisseverdeen4life:katnisseverdeen4life 212 53
The Vargas Family Mafia!RomanoxMafia!Reader 1
Chapter 1 – Business as usual
This is the second series! The first one is here:
[F/n] = First name
[M/n] = Middle name
[L/n] = Last name
[H/c] = Hair colour
[E/c] = Eye colour
[S/c] = Skin colour
[F/c] = Favourite colour
If you were to ask, some would say that Italy is the most corrupt country in Europe. The main cause of this is the Vargas family. This family runs the Mafia in the country and have done for decades. Recently this families reputation in the criminal underworld has become far greater, and they were already widely feared to begin with.
The reason for this? Lovino, the eldest of the four Vargas brothers – who runs the southern Italian division – married [F/n] [L/n]. [F/n], is an internationally wanted criminal. However, despite her breaking almost every law ever created, the police and majority of the criminal underworld, know nothing but her mid
:iconnollhol:Nollhol 32 12
Introducing Sketch This: Daily Drawing Challenges
DeviantArt is excited to announce Sketch This – daily drawing challenges encouraging artists of all skill levels to explore new techniques, emotions, and subjects with their art, while having fun interacting with the DeviantArt and SketchBook communities. Sketch This is directly integrated inside Autodesk® SketchBook® mobile app for iOS and Android.

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DeviantArt is excited to announce Sketch This – daily drawing challenges encouraging artists of all skill levels to explore new techniques, emotions, and subjects with their art, while having fun interacting with the Devian
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Bullies!Hetalia X Bullied!Reader Prologue
The buzzing alarm clock drove the teen away from dream land, waking her up from her last free night of the weekend to the morning she returned to school.
She had dreaded returning to school, and certainly wasn't happy to be woken up from such a wonderful dream. You know, that reoccurring one that you'll have once in a while. The one where you never want to wake up from.
It was the dream when she was still in elementary school, where she, her older brother, and parents were all happy. Of course, that happy dream came to an end. Thankfully is skipped where her parents got a divorce, and (Name) began living with her older brother. At the time of the divorce, he had just got out of law school. Now running his own practice, Louis raised his younger sister while their parents payed for her school's tuition and what-not.
Dragging herself from out of the warm bed, (Name) trudged to her bathroom to clean herself up for the first day. Standing in front of
:iconmangafan23:mangafan23 324 78
Bullies!Hetalia x Reader -The other side of me (1)
Right, so the bully story from mangafan23 really inspired me to write this, so yeah, there are going to be a few similarities. Sorry, I hope that's okay! I am going to a kind of a dark direction with this one though. Not quite yet, but you'll get what I mean later (the title is kind of a hint). There are a few triggering things in this story and it will get worse as it goes on, so reader's discretion is advised.
And yes, I am going to continue that Bully!America x Bullied!Reader later on, I've just kind of run out of ideas for that one. It wasn't quite as clear in my mind as this one is. I already know how it's going to end...
Sorry that I haven't updated that one but I will sooner or later!
So yeah, enjoy!
She threw the piece of glass away as she had finished her work. The bullies watched as she lifted her arms, smiling in victory. She inhaled the faint scent of her blood deeply and a sadistic look appeared on her face.
"Welcome to the show... The death of (Name)!"
:iconasexualcannibal:AsexualCannibal 59 16

Newest Deviations

Hetalia X Bullied!Reader X 2p!Hetalia. Freaks
Part 3: Finale Part I
A/N: This is gonna be long but bear with me. You'll either hate it or love it. 
That night the four of you marathoned on Doctor Who episodes while planning on how to survive the year without dying. 
Usually Doctor Who would get you interested, especially the Ninth Doctor, but you're mind was elsewhere think about Allen. Not in a romantic way of course. The guy basically beat you to a pulp, there where no feelings for the bastard what so ever.  
Since Allen and his gang was made up of murderous tendicies and rage while Luciano's gang was more made up of insanity and danger. 
"C'mon, _______," Mandy said as she paused at the part where Nine was about to regenerate.
"Geez, You're so out of it today," Betsie said between mouthfuls of buttered popcorn. 
"I'm scared," you admitted. 
"That's usually my line," Kim said as she wrapped a blanket around herself. 
"I just need a way so that we all won't be left alone," you said as you rolled
:icontheredgarnet:TheRedGarnet 8 2
Hetalia X Bullied!Reader X 2p!Hetalia. Freaks.
HPart 2
Once the day ended, you made your way to Drama club and worked on the sets for three hours before it was time. Kim and Chris told you to go home some you could try to nurse your wounds. Mandy said that her and Mike would be there tomorrow morning at your house. Betsy even said she would bring her car so that she could take you guys to school. 
When you woke up next morning, you were in a world of pain. You rolled out of bed with a groan, clawing weakly at your alarm clock. "Ugh....Shit," you mumbled. 
Getting up, you walked over to your mirror. The bruises on your face darkness.  You had to wear make up today but you knew that if Arthur or Alfred decided to punch you in your face, you wouldn't be able to hide your pain. 
You had bruises on you stomach and legs as well. You made a mental note to kick Allen's bad boy ass next time he wanted to fight. 
You slipped on a black turtle neck sweater  with a winter best over it and a pair of red skinny jean
:icontheredgarnet:TheRedGarnet 19 7
Hetalia x Bullied!Reader X 2p!Hetalia. The Freaks.
A/N: this is gonna be three parts and three parts only. 
It didn't surprise you or your friends that any of you would have been bullied once the six of you entered high school. 
There was Chris, he was chubby and short and an easy target. He loved Lady Gaga with a passion and never ceased to talk about her. He was full of school spirt unlike the rest of you and a major part of Art club. He was artsy and creative and drew where ever he went. 
There was Mandy, who was tiny and skinny and dyed her hair a flaming red that stood out. Chris was a tee shirt and jeans type of guy, she was more retro. Dressing in poofy tops and jeans and the occasional dress with necklaces around her neck. She was aspiring to be a fashion designer and you thought she had a good chance of making it. She was also part of art club. 
There was Kim, she was the quite soul who loved anime and drawing. She stood freakishly tall and was African American, earning her racial slurs as well as other ins
:icontheredgarnet:TheRedGarnet 19 4
Avengers X Sick!Dying!Reader. Roam the Earth.
Chapter 1: Goodbye to this life
"I'm dying," you said so simply. The person in front of you held no tears, no pity, no sadness. They only stared back at you with hollowed eyes. Then they scrunched their face up in anger. "ugh!" You growled at your mirror. 
you stepped away and stared at the results of the tests and scan. Different doctors and the same result. Some said a year and some said a month but whatever the result was, you were gonna die. 
Putting the papers away into your draw, you plopped down onto your vanity chair and looked at yourself. There wasn't much difference. You were still healthy looking but there was something just there. Perhaps it was the tirdness of your eyes or the slouch of you back or maybe the fact that you could my longer feel any reason to live. 
A snarp knock on your door inturupted your thoughts. Before you could say a thing, a certain millionaire came barging in with his red and gold suit on. 
"You gonna stare at yourself all day, c
:icontheredgarnet:TheRedGarnet 29 5
Supernatural X Reader. Crazy and Crazier.
Chapter 6: Needlessly Complicated Backgrounds
You glare at your friends. Glaring each of them down until they falture underneath your gaze. 
Hatter and Mr. Rabbit sipped their tea in silence as Alice averted her eyes from yours while the new boy just stared you down. His name was Ace and he was the new Knave of Hearts, Alice had appointed him soon after your departure. 
The research table in the library was turned into a tea table right out of Wonderland. Cups, plates, baskets of crumpets and tarts littered the table. Sam, Dean and Castiel sat next to Mr. Rabbit, confused as hell. 
"Well," you said in a clipped voice, "Does anyone want to tell me how and why exactly you crossed over?" 
"It's a long story-" Alice said hesitantly. 
"We have a problem," Ace inturupted. 
"Several actually, you see. It's a tad bit more complicated," Hatter added. 
"And I'm afraid it's getting much, much worse," Mr. Rabbit said fiddling with his pocket watch. 
"On a sc
:icontheredgarnet:TheRedGarnet 16 0
Supernatural X Reader Crazy and Crazier.
Chapter 5: Bow to the Queen, bitches. 
After the whole reveal and the drama that enfolded the previous night, you decided to get drunk rather than burn your research. 
"How do you guys handle hangovers?" You asked the two brothers as you walked into the library. You had just recently emtied the contents of your stomach, food was not an option. 
"Greasy food," Sam said. He handed you a bag. Thank the gods for cheeseburgers.
"Have I told you I loved you?"
"Okay, then!" Dean said through a mouthful of food, "Do we have a case? Something not you know...wierd. Something? Anything?"
"We're hunters, darling. Everything's wierd to us," you said. 
"Well.....we have a case. Something about things popping up randomly then flashing out. Cold spots and magnetic disturbances. Bobby wants us to check it out."
"why can't Bobby do it?" You asked through your second Apple. 
"Because him and Garth are handling a case in Wisconsin. Sheriff Mills notoced some o
:icontheredgarnet:TheRedGarnet 14 1
Supernatural X Reader. Crazy and Crazier
Chapter 4: Worlds not so apart
"You wanna explain?" Dean asked from the front seat. "You just chopped a cupids head off with that! When the hell did you even get a sword? And why didn't you even bother telling us about?"
"Calm down, Dean. I'm sure _____ has an explanation for this," Cas turned to you, "______, please explain to me why you just killed one of my brothers and where you received that sword?"
"All in good time," you said. "I love you both but you may want to be in a more secure location before I tell you."
"Stop being cryptic, it's freaking me out!" Dean said. He glared at you through the rear view mirror. 
"I've always been cryptic," you smirked. Sam groaned and turned his head in your lap. He was still out and currently his head laid on your lap. You sighed and ran your fingers through his hair. You felt a little guilty that he was knocked into a tree but it gave you a chance to use the sword. 
The drive back to the bunker was silent and tense. Dean wouldn't eve
:icontheredgarnet:TheRedGarnet 13 2
Supernatural X Reader Crazy and Crazier
Chapter 3: Dreams And Disasters
The boys and you were in the bunker, the library to be more exact. You sipped your tea as you flipped another page. 
"This blows," you groaned as you slammed the teacup on the table. 
"You okay there, _____?" Sam asked looking up from his book. 
"Yeah," you said, "I'm just pissed. What is this thing? It's not a Shojo, it's not a werewolf, not even a Wyvern. It's got me confused." 
"You can't know everything, kid. It's probably new no thanks to that Eve bitch," Dean said. 
"But that's the problem, Dean-o. I know every creature like the back of my hand. I even consulted Charlie about it, she's got nothing either. What is this thing?" You grit your teeth in frustration. 
"She has a point, Dean." Castiel said. You didn't even hear a flutter of wings. "This can be anything at this point. Even I have no idea what it is." 
"And you know we're screwed when Cas doesn't know what it is," you said. 
"______," Dean said wearil
:icontheredgarnet:TheRedGarnet 14 0
Supernatural X Reader. Crazy and Crazier
Chapter 2: Hello, Team Free Will
"I'm sorry," the tall one with really nice hair said, "Do we know you you?" 
"No," you swing the door open and let them in, "But I've heard of your names and please boys, drop the FBI routine."
"Whatever you say," Dean strolled in and made himself at home. 
"Seriously, bros. What do you need info on?" You asked as you put away you previous notes you were working on, you slid Lewis Caroll's Alice in Wonderland back on the shelf. You  turned around and noticed the younger Winchester glancing at your notes, you could tell he was trying to be polite.
"Are you or are you not an expert?" Castiel asked sitting down at your table. He stared blankly at you with his blue eyes. "I've heard you conduct research on" 
"Yeah, I do. Although," you said. "My research is based purely on creatures. Lycanthropes, Vampires, Dragons, Wraiths, just to name a few."
"So why are you researching leylines?" Sam Winchester
:icontheredgarnet:TheRedGarnet 16 2
Supernatural X Reader. Crazy and Crazier
Chapter 1: Falling Up
The portal burst open, sucking everything away in the throne room. No doubt, you mothers doing just before she vanished. 
"_______!" A blonde girl screamed as you were knocked over. 
You saw stars as you slammed into a pillar, a small trickle of blood ran as it soaked your hair and collar in blood. Through your blurry vision, you could see the room being destroyed and if somebody didn't close this portal, everything would disappear. 
"Ali!" You screamed, you got up painfully and ran to the blonde girl. In her hand the Vorpal sword was covered in the blood of the soldiers. 
"________," Mr. White yelled as he held onto a pillar, "We need to close it!"
"I know!" You said back. You turned to your friend, "I'm sorry. So, so sorry but I couldn't think of a better heir to the throne that you," you smiled gently as you took off your crown, "Take care of Wonderland, Alice." 
"________, you're the queen!" Alice protested. 
"I'm a coward,
:icontheredgarnet:TheRedGarnet 29 2
Mafia!Romano X Tomboy!Reader. Is it true?
Is it true?
    "What do I do?" You paced around in your room. Soon you kneeled next to the bed and buried your face in a pillow. "I don't know what to do." You half mumbled/cried into the pillow. 
    You stood up and walked to the mirror. Slowly you lifted up your shirt to revel your rather slim abdominals. Putting the shirt back down you paced again. 
    Lovino was out for the night and wouldn't get back until midnight. You had finished negotiations with Kiku several hours ago. You had since then thrown up at least three times. Before that, you were experiencing waves of dizziness earlier in the morning. At first you thought it was a bug but as you threw up the third time, you felt worried. 
    You and Lovino had been married for a little over a year. Your father was slowly starting to warm up to Lovino even though he did scare Lovino with his overprotectiveness at times. Imagine h
:icontheredgarnet:TheRedGarnet 70 32
England X Reader. Fairy Tails vs. Magic Ch 6
    Soon the early morning turned to mid noon as you rode around the capital.
    You took a break and stopped at the Tavern. 
    "Hello, kid." 
    You looked up to see Drew. She sat down next to you as she passed you a drink. 
    "Hey," You said.
    "What's with the dull look?" She inquired.
    "Life?" She raised a perfect eyebrow. 
    "Yeah...." You hesitated before asking her. "You know most things about things happening in the Underground, right?" 
    "Force of habit. People talk. It's not my fault that I listen in."
    "So what do you know about this?" You pulled out the symbol. "Has anybody walked in with this?"
    Drew looked at the drawing of the symbol. "Hmmm." She put a finger to her lips. "When I think of it....A few nights back. A rather handsome fellow walked in here. I remember servi
:icontheredgarnet:TheRedGarnet 6 2
Mafia!Romano X Doctor!Reader. Family Doctor.
Family Doctor

      Brooklyn, NY. 12:09 AM

    Lovino Vargas growled as he felt pain explode on his left side. He ducked behind a fallen table before he could inspect his wound. 
    When he saw that Vodka drinking bastard, he was going to wring his neck with his stupid ass scarf. 
    The bullet had lodged itself somewhere his arm and he was still bleeding heavily. His left arm was too injured to even be useful. 
    "Feliciano!" Lovino growled. "Where the f*** are you?"
    Feliciano Vargas slid across the floor while still firing his guns. He rolled onto the floor and stopped by the table where his fratello was. Feliciano reloaded his pistol before firing at the enemy again. 
    "Si, fratello!" 
    "Tell that Tomato bastard to snipe that goon over there," Lovino pointed towards the Goon who had t
:icontheredgarnet:TheRedGarnet 98 10
Falling (WIP) by TheRedGarnet Falling (WIP) :icontheredgarnet:TheRedGarnet 3 0
Pirate!Spain X Pirate!Reader. Hearts and Swords.
         The Red Queen. A magnificent ship. Two masts that held up two silky grey sails. The deck decorated with mahogany rails and the deck worn with blood and water. The ratlines had been tied perfectly  together. The wheel was manned by a single man. His hand trembled as he steered the giant ship to it destination. It was entrusted to him, so he had to handle it or die. Eyes on the sea  looking for any enemy ships. None. The ship was silent as the sea. The dense fog parted for the vessel to move through. 
    The man sailed to his captain and first mate who were waiting on the shore. The crew was down below sleeping or tending to morning chores. They left him alone to keep watch. So far so good but the fog was hard to watch. 
     "Alright men." The blonde buccaneer set one foot on the railing and another on his ship. He held a cutlass in his left and a rope on his right. 
:icontheredgarnet:TheRedGarnet 27 6
The Life of the Doctor.
   I'm a time traveler. 
   I travel through time and space. 
   There are places I get to wander,
   And different people and faces 
    The TARDIS is my faithful ship. 
    All of my secrets are hidden within. 
    It is a final reminder of my kin. 
    Through the wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff and Dales and Cybermen,
    She is my constant companion till the end. 
   Besides my TARDIS, I'm mostly lonely,
   I do have from time to time companions. 
   Yet their lives are in danger constantly,
   Usually because of me. 
   Some have left me, not being able to stand the pain and agony. 
   Others were left behind and are nothing but ghosts in the past.
   A few have even died in my company, 
   They do however hold special places
:icontheredgarnet:TheRedGarnet 3 1


Part 3: Finale Part I

A/N: This is gonna be long but bear with me. You'll either hate it or love it. 

That night the four of you marathoned on Doctor Who episodes while planning on how to survive the year without dying. 

Usually Doctor Who would get you interested, especially the Ninth Doctor, but you're mind was elsewhere think about Allen. Not in a romantic way of course. The guy basically beat you to a pulp, there where no feelings for the bastard what so ever.  

Since Allen and his gang was made up of murderous tendicies and rage while Luciano's gang was more made up of insanity and danger. 

"C'mon, _______," Mandy said as she paused at the part where Nine was about to regenerate.

"Geez, You're so out of it today," Betsie said between mouthfuls of buttered popcorn. 

"I'm scared," you admitted. 

"That's usually my line," Kim said as she wrapped a blanket around herself. 

"I just need a way so that we all won't be left alone," you said as you rolled over on your back and stared at the ceiling. "It's my fault that they're gonna go for a of you. All this time, I pissed them off so that they would spare you and it backfired in my face!" You burried your face in a pillow and tried not to cry. "It's all my fault, I'm so sorry!" you said over and over. 

Betsie put down her Popcorn came over to hug you. Mandy joined in as she ran her fingers through your hair to calm you down. Kim wrapped a blanket around you and hugged you with her wiery arms. They held you like that for an hour until you stopped. 

After some hot hot chocolate and and some TLC, you calmed down. 

"Thanks," you said in a horse voice. "I needed that." 

"Okay!" Mandy said cheerfully, "Operation Buddy System. What is our strategy?" 

"I've complied a list of all our classes so that we can coordinate who's with who through out the day. I share a bulk of my classes with Mike so we'll be staying together. Mandy and Chris share most classes. Betsie, you have more classes with Kim. We'll keep tabs on each other in the hallways. If one of is goes missing, we relocate immediately to a safe area." 

"What's the safe area?" Kim asked. 

"The sound booth in the auditorium," you said, "Mike works with AV when he's not debating, so he has the keys. If that spot is compromised then we'll go to the art room. At least we'll have a teacher there, Mr. Lieri never leaves his room and always has class." 

"Got it," Betsie said. "And after school?" 

Mandy started to scribble down everyone's names. "Mike doesn't have debate team so he's in Drama with _______. Kim will be in Choir. Betsie, you have practice four days a week, Friday you're in Drama Club helping with stage crew. Chris and I have Art club tomorrow and Thursday. So the ones who'll be alone are Kim and Betsie."

"I can take care of myself," Betsie said. "People might bully me but they know that if anything happens to me they'll loose their seat in the playoffs. I'll be safe and I have my knife."

"Mike and I will take care of Kim," you said. "The choir room is next to the auditorium. We'll check up on you between breaks and once you're done, you'll come straight to the auditorium." 

"Got it," Kim said. 

"I say this is a solid plan," Betsie said. 

"We need a code word!"" Mandy said. 

"I say it's......," Kim looked at the screen. "Doctor!" 


"I think we'll make it, guys. I think we can totally do this!" You said. 

"I can't do this!" You groaned as you stepped into Mandy's car. The four of you had stayed up later than expected and in result, you were sleep deprived. 

"Shut up," Betsie said blatantly. 

"Another day, another hell," Mandy said as she parked in the school parking lot. Mike and Chris were already there waiting for you. You got out of the car stretching as you tugged your long sleeve tee shirt down. You decided that you were in the mood for leggings and a skirt alone with a comfy shirt. 

Quickly, you briefed Mike and Chris about your plan and neither of them disagreed. 

Once the school bell rang, the six of you made your way to class. Mike followed right behind you, eyeing any of the jocks or queen bees who wanted to mess with you. 
Oddly, people weren't shoving you of calling you names. You even ignored Arthur as he waited at your locker. You knew that it was overflowing with hate mail. He scowled at you while you smirked back. Mike made sure that you didn't do anything comfy by using himself as a barrier from you and Arthur. 

"Don't even think about it," Mike said as the both of you walked past him. 

You heard an, "Oi!" The both of you turned around as Arthur Glared at the both of you. "You think you're reall cheeky for pulling a stupid prank like that, aren't you? Enjoy your victory now, you bitch but sooner or later you'll get what's coming towards you," he said before storming away. 

Mike tried to hold you back but you shook him off and stormed after Arthur. You spun him around and grabbed his lapels, bringing him close to your face as you glared deep into his emerald eyes. 

"You know what? Send your worst. I'm sick and tired of you pushing my friends and I around just because we're not following and gushing about you like your fanbase. If I have done something severely wrong to you, then bloody tell me so and I'll try to fix it but mercilousy torturing us just because you don't like us isn't the way to go. I'm not going to ever submit to you no matter how many torturous things you put us through, I have my friends and my family behind me," you're were eye  level with him and for once the malice disappeared into something else, "I'm sorry about yesterday and that was me being like you. I've realised now that I'll never do something like that ever again. So you know what, Arthur. B. Kirkland? You can go on with your perfect little life with your perfect little followers and your perfect little friends. I'm done. I'm putting my foot down and giving you a piece of my mind. Go get a paprcut for all I care. From this day on you'll never bother my friend or I ever again because we don't need this." You let him go and Arthur Kirkland stumbled away. You raised your head and walked away, Mike close behind. 

He didnt say anything meaning that he approved of what you just did. 

The both of you entered Physics, Alfred was in the back not saying anything. He just sat there and sulked and also glared at the both of you which you shrugged off. 

The class went without a hitch. Mike and you got out of class and spotted Kim and Betsie coming out of English. 

"Pop quiz today,better be prepared," Betsie said as she passed by the both of you. 

"Ugh!" You groaned as you entered class. 

The rest of the day was quiet. Luciano and his gang were nowhere to be seen and you were slowly getting paranoid as lunch rolled around. 

"Have any of you seen, Luciano?" You asked your friends as the ate lunch. 

"I saw Lutz," Chris said. You saw him visably shudder, "He was hanging around the art department. I swear he's stalking us." 

"They are," Betsie said. "I saw Kuro as Mandy and I were stepping out of Math class. They're looking for chinks in the armor, who to attack first or at least scare." 

"You sound like a badass when you say that," Mandy said to Betsie. 

"That's because I am," Bestie smirked. 

The he rest of the day went off without a hitch. You were fine. Noone bullied you. No One teased you. No one talked behind your back.

You didnt know if it was the fact that they found a new respect for your or that you were just dead men walking. 

You were out the door by the final time that the final bell rang. 

Kim and Mike were already with you. Mandy joined immediately dragging along a flustered Betsy and Chris. 

"So......update?" You asked. 

"Lutz and Kuro have been hanging about. I think you should skip practice, Betsy. You might be able to fight but they have way more weapons," Chris said. 

"I second that," Mike said. "Betsy can hang out in the Sound Booth until we can find a way to keep someone with her." 

"I'm right here, guys!" Betsy exclaimed. 

The he rest of you ignored her. As soon as these two hours of never racking hell was done, all of you were to meet in the parking lot. So you and Mike dragged Betsy who threw a tantrum all the way into the auditorium. Madam Truitt allowed her to stay as long as she did some heavy lifting. 

The Drama crew was in full swing with the upcoming performance of the Jungle Book coming up. Opening day was in about three weeks and you had to finished the set.

Francis who played Kaa was on stage with Nerraj Patil who was playing Mowgli. There was suppose to be a green and blue light on Francis as he hypnotized Mowgli. Madame Truitt was telling Mike to positions the light in a certain angle to make it like more......hypnotic. 

Betsie was tall enough to reach ledges of the stage so the stage crew member gave her vine to pin into place. You along with a handful of others were finishing up in painting the background flats. tbisnis where you wished Chris or Mandy was with you. 

"Hey-a, _______?" Feliciano tapped your shoulder. "Do the trees look real enough?" 

"Oh my god. Yes. They look perfect. Thank you so much. What would I do without you and your skills?" You asked as you observed the painted trees. They looked so bloody realistic. "If you don't mind. Could you paint some more vines?" 

"No-a problemo! I'll-a get it done!"

"Thanks, Feli." 



"I-a heard a rumor from, mil fratello? Is it true that Luciano is after you?" 

You noticed that he didn't say your friends. Just you. 

"Yes," you admitted and he pulled you into a hug. 

"Veh! ______, he's so-a dangerous. Tell-a me you'll be careful, he's-a not a good person."  

You sighed and hugged the nice boy back. You wished you could be friends with him but he had his own little group with Ludwig and Kiku, and also Alfred would have targeted him. 

"Don't worry, Feli. I'll be a-okay! I'd like to see Luciano try and hurt me." 

"You two!" Madame Truitt yelled. "I don't pay you to snuggle. I pay you two work. Move it!" 

"You don't pay us at all, Director!" you turned back to Feliciano. "I'll be okay. Don't worry." 

"Roger!" He did a mock salute before disappearing into the prop room to get some more paint. 

During the Interval period which lasted about ten minutes, you decided to go and check up on Kim. Mike an Betsy walked behind you as you made your way to the choir room. 

"I'm just saying, drama is not kind to stage crew." 

"At least you don't have to sit up in a booth for two hours."

"At least You get to sit." 

"Cmon. Stage crew is nice," you said. 

"That's because your the Captain," Betsy scoffed. 

"That is true," you admitted with a smirk. "The title has its perks." 


"Don't 'Mhhmmm' me, young lady!" 

"Show some respect for your father, Betsy." Mike said in a deadpan. 

"I thought Chris was the Father?" Betsy asked. 

"No. It's ______.  I'm the mother." 

"And why is that?" You asked. 

"Because I'm the one with the level head," Mike replied. 

"True," Betsy and you said at the same time. 

"And here we are," Mike said as he approached the Choir room. "Kim. We're coming in," he said as he opened the door. 

"Don't come in!" She said from the room. 

"Are you changing?" Betsy asked. 

"Y-yes. Please come back another time." 

"Are you okay?" You asked as you set your ear against the door. "Kimberly?" You said. 

There was was apause and you could feel good heart drop. Mike and Betsy were holding their breaths. 

After a long minute, Kim spoke up. "Yes. I'm okay. I don't need a Doctor or anything. I'm okay, _______." 

Without hesitance, you pushed Mike out of the way and pushed open the door.

In the corner was Kim huddling as Luciano and Lutz cornered her. She sat there whimpering, and then she looked up before full pit sobbing. Poor girl. Must have been terrified. 

Luciano heard the door open but didnt care. His back was turned to you. Lutz also glared down at the poor girl. 

"Betsy," you said just above a whisper. "The knife." she set the small hunting knife in your hand and you didn't even think. You grabbed it in the center and hurled it towards Luciano's head. Of course, you were against murder so it missed by an inch and embedded itself into the plaster with a solid 'chink!'

That caught his attention and Kim was smart enough to scurry away. She tripped and Mike caught her in his arms. 

You glared daggers at Luciano's stupid Italian face. 

"Mike. Get her out of here." 

I don't think-"

"Now!" You snarled. 

Mike nodded hesitantly knowing that you wouldnt be moved so he grabbed Kim by the arm and dragged Kim away. Besty stayed by your side. 

Kuro who stood by the door glared at the both of you. 

"Betsy. Get Al. Go," you whispered, ignoring Kuro. 

"You sure?" 

"I'll be fine." 

She nodded and backed away. Betsy glared at Lutz and then Luciano before she ran down the hallway. You hoped that she would find him in time or you would be dead by today. 

"This is the girl-" Lutz started to say. 

"So you're Luciano Vargas?" You said as you say down on top of the desk and stared him down. "I was wondering what you would look like." 

He blinked once. Then Twice. Finally he looked at Lutz with a evil little smirk and said, "You're right, Lutz. She's odd. I like her."

"So......what do you want?" You asked. "if you want to 'rough' me up, you're a bit too late for that."

"No. Of course not, Bella Ragazza. We're here to kill you." You blanked at that. "Just kidding. No. We've heard about your little um......encounter with Al. I'm a little surprised a small thing like you can survive," he raised a hand to your face and used his thumb to smudge away the make up. There was still a reddish-blue bruise that throbbed in pain. 

"Hands off!" You pulled away and glared as his as he sat down next to you. 

"She's fiesty. I like her even more," Lutz said. 

"And I don't like you," you said. 

Allen was right. You were too cocky for your own good but if you had to sacrifice yourself to save your friends, so be it. You were sick of letting people walk all over you. You were gonna stand up to Luciano and his goons even if it was the death of you. 

" Who sent you?" You asked as you glared at the three of them. "Let me guess. Alfred and his boyfriend." 

"I thought I was the only one who thought that," Kuro muttered underneath his breath. 

"Yes. You see....." Luciano leaned uncomfortably close to you. So close that you could feel his breath of your neck. You turned your head so that you were staring right into his magenta eyes. All that bravery had melted away leaving your heart beating like a hummingbird. "Arthur told us that he didn't want how to kill you anymore. However, his boyfriend, Alfred, wants us to kill you and he told us to leave no trace." 

He suddenly got up and walked towards the window. 

"I should kill you but I like you....matter in fact. We all do," he said. "But orders are order and I have been paid so.....Lutz. Restrain the Ragazza and make sure she doesn't scream. Kuro. Guard the door. This is gonna be messy." 

"What the-" 

Litz grabbed you from behind and wrapped your arms behind your back. 

"I'm sorry, Bella," Luciano took off his black gloves and cupped your cheek, his thumb pressing onto the bruise. You flinched into pain. He turned your head to the side so that your left side of the face was exposed. "But business is business. Nothing personal," he said as he traced the tip of his knife from the cheekbone all the way down to your jaw. 

You were gonna admit it. It hurt like a bitch. Soon you could feel the blood trickling out of your wound. 

You our clenched your jaw and refused to scream but he looked into your eyes and saw what he wanted to see. Fear and Pain but there was a still a hint of determination that refused to go away. 

He dug his fingers into your cheek as you refused to break eye contact with him. He saw a vein bulding on your brow, happy that he was able to cause you pain but still pissed that you refused to scream. 

"This is getting on my nerves, Ragazza." 

"Just kill her Luciano. We don't have enough time for this," Lutz said. 

He let out a sigh. "Fine. I'll cut her throat or is that too messy? Stabbing her?" 

"I could just strangle her?" Lutz offered. 

"He wanted her to suffer. I could cut her tendons one by one. That's painful." 

"Or I can just crush her tiny neck. It won't take that much time." 

As those two were discussing how to kill you, you were feeling pissed off. You were right there. You rolled your eyes and waited.

Yoir mind wanders to your friends and family. Would your parents even notice if you died? What about your friends? Who was gonna stand up for them once you were gone? What about Feli and Allen? You wanted to to be their friends once this blew over. This was your fault after all. If you could have just dealt with it until graduation, it would have all been over. But what about all those people who were still being bullied. Who was gonna stick up for them? 

'Well. This is it. It's been hell but it was a nice kinda hell,' you thought. 'Maybe Heaven won't be as depressing.....? Wonder if anyone will show up to my-'

Right then, Kuro flew through the door and landed in a heap in front of the chalkboard. 

"Alright, you asshats! What's going on in here?!" 
Allen walked into the room with his trusted bat, and then then Betsy right behind him with a Hocky stick. 

"Give me back my Hocky stick, you bitch!" A guy in red flannels and glasses walked in, clearly pissed at Betsy. He grabbed the Hocky stick away and glared at Lutz and Luciano. "Where the fuck is Francis?"

"Language, Matt! He's in the car." A very colorful man came strolling in with no weapon. He was link and blue and blond. "Swear jar!" He growled. 

"Shut up, Arthur!" Allen growled. "Let go of _______ you Italian-" 

You took the opportunity to bite down on Lutz's hand and then kicked Luciano where the sun don't shine really, really hard causing him to drop his knife. You grabbed Betsy's knife before running to her. She hugged you And then pushed you behind her and Allen. 

I breathed in a sign of relief as I hid behind Allen and Besty. Who knew the smell of grass and leather could be so comforting. 

"So the little Ragazza has you on her side?" Luciano asked. "I guess she's off limits then. Oh well," he shrugged and walked out of the room. Before he set foot out side the door, he turned around with his stupid smirk. "Bella Ragazza, this isn't over yet." He then winked and walked out into the hallway leaving us in a very tense room. 

"Well........that's over," you said cheerfully. You offered Betsy her hunting knife. "Here you go." 

She snatched it back and stuffed it into her boot. 

"You. Are. A. Fucking. Idiot!" She seethed before smacking you really hard on the cheek that wasn't bleeding. 

"Thanks," you said sarcastically. "I kinda deserved that." 

"Language, young lady!" Arthur gasped. "Swear jar-"

"Shut it, Blondie!" She turned back to you. "Go get Allen you said. You'll handle it you said! Well how did that go!? They were actually going to kill you, goddamnit! And you just were gonna let them? Are you screws loose?! I swear I would kill you if I wasn't your friend!" Then she hugged you so tight that you felt like your spine was gonna break. 
Finally she let you go and you were able to breath. 

Allen ignored your personal space and tilted your chin up, tilting your head to the side to examine your cut. 

"Shit, you freaky chick. He fucking got you," he grumbled. "I actually gave you some advice, dumbass and you ignored it. This place would have been a blood bath if we hadn't barged in."

"Oh, shut up will you?" You flicked his hand away. "I'm alive, that's all that matters."

"No. It doesn't. It means you just put your life in danger when I told you to stop with that self sacrificing bullshit. You thought you were gonna be a hero if you just took on the big bad bullies by yourself. Well, tell me this! What would have happened of we didn't make it in time. Did you even think about what would have hpemed of you died? How it would have affected people who fucking care about you?!"

"Al," Oliver said. "Go easy on her-"

"Shut it, Goldielocks," he snapped before turning back to you. "Did you even think, (Name?)"

"No," you admitted. "I didn't. I didn't even think about it at all........"

"Look, you're a good kid even though your so fucking wierd but I think it's time to stop acting so tough," he put a hand on your shoulder gently. "It's okay to ask for help and cry, it doesn't make you weak. It makes you human."

"Thanks, Al." You wiped away a stray tear and smiled even though your face her. "Who knew you could be such a softie, huh?" 

"Yeah, whatever. I'm not the sentimental spewing wise  bastard who dies at the end of every movie," he huffed. "Go and get yourself cleaned up, kid. You look like shit." 

"Let's go. We need to find, Mandy." Besty took you hand and walked out of the door. 

"I'm so glad everything is over," you said. 

"(Name,) you have a cut on your face and you may or may not have started a gang war. How is that a good thing?"

"Just let me revel in the moment, will ya?" 

"I'll let you revel once we can all go home and get some rest. Dealing with that Canadian asshat took enough out of me as it did. Next time you want to talk to Al, do it yourself. At least he won't crush my head in, he had a soft spot for you." 

"Ah, the perks of having a criminal apart of your inner circle," you said. 

"Once again, how is that a good thing?" 


The next morning, you arrived at school with your friends in much better spirits. 

You actually were okay with going to class and no one really picked on you. It was good so far.  You saw Luciano by your locker and everything good about your morning drifted away. A hand on your shoulder brought you out of it. 

'That's right,' you thought. 'I don't have to do this alone. I'm not alone, I never was.'

With your friends by your side, you made your way to Luciano. 

"Bella Ragazza," he said with his signature smirk, "I see that you're more confident now that you found some strength-"

"Look, Luciano. Whatever threat you have for me, save it." 

"Threat?" He raised his eyebrow. "I'm not gonna threaten you. I'm done that. Actually, that boring. I'm here for something else entirely."

"I have a bad feeling about this," Chris said. 

"I was wondering if you're available next Friday night," he said. 

"I'm not and no, I don't want to go on a date with you. I think I've made it my policy not to go on dates with men who threatened me," you crossed your arms and gave him a bored look. 

"Who said anything about a date?" You raised your eyebrow and gave him a look. "Okay, maybe I was asking you out on a date but I'm not gonna be the only one. Good luck today, Bella ragazza. It was a pleasure to meet such a fiesty young women," he held your hand and kissed your knuckles before walking away to God only knows where. 

"That was unexpecteectex," Mike said as he snapped his fingers in front your face. "Let's get to class." 

"Yeah," you said. "Let's go to class." 

The gang split up until lunch leaving you and Mike to go to Chemistry. By the time you got there, it was eerily quiet. You thought you were late or something until you looked up at the clocks. Then you noticed Arthur and Alfred standing up. 

"Um....excuse me, (Name,) and Mike. I think Alfred has something he wants to say to you," Arthur pushed Alfred in front of you. He grumbled something underneath his breath before looked down at you. 

Once you would have froze but instead you looked up at him, dead in the eye. 

"Yes, Alfred?" Mike asked, wearily. "What do you want this time?"

"I...well.....," he cleared his throat. You noticed how red his face was. Clearly he was going to apologize, once you would have mercilessly humiliated him but now you just wanted to put this behind you. There were more important things than petty revenge. "I'm sorry. I hired Luciano."

"I know."

"I know it wasn't the hero thing to do and I'm extremely sorry, dude. I shouldn't just dislike you just because you and your friends are different and if it wasn't for Arthur, Luciano would still be after you." 

The entire classroom was silent as Arthur and Alfred stood there awkwardly. You could feel every eye on you. 

You took a deep breath and let it out before you spoke. "Okay, you two. I don't know if we can just forgive you for putting us through this torture but I suppose that we can put it behind us and never ever talk about it. How about this? We can be friends? How about that, huh?" You and Mike both held your hands out. 

"I know you guys were assholes to us but I agree with what (Name) just said. We can't forgive you for casting us out just because we didn't for your norm but we can let it go. So yeah. Friends?" 

"Yeah, dude!" Alfred said. He shook Mike's hand while Arthur shook yours, "That would be awesome!"

"I'm terribly sorry, love. I know our actions were inexcusable but I gueninly hope that we can put this behind us and be friends," Arthur said. 

"I hope so, too!"

"Alright! Break it up!" The teacher walked in suddenly with last weeks test in his hands. "I've been waiting ten minutes for you four to finish up so when you're done, I'd like to start class. Especially you, Miss (Name.) Both you and Mike are my top students, you need to keep your grades up!"

"Yes, sir." 

After that whole ordeal, things went back to as normal as they could be. 

The whole gang graduated a year later.

You and Mike graduated with honors and were accepted to the same university. You decided to try Pre-Law while Mike went for Pre-Med.  Besty was excepted into a university on a softball scholarship, she was there until she decided she was to join the army. Mandy was excepted into a very high end fashion school up in Boston. Kim and Chris attended community college before joining you and Mike at the same university, both studying as Art majors. 

Arthur bade you goodbye and went back to England where he had been excepted into Oxford but not before kissing his now boyfriend, Alfred, goodbye. Alfred was also in the same college as you, studying as a Buissness Major. 

Luciano graduated college but he joined his father's Mafia and before the next boss. He told you to call him if you wanted to go out on a nice date. You kindly declined. 

Allen and his brother Matt pulled through and got out of High School. Allen didn't care much for college but Oliver forced him to go to the same one as you and Matt prefered the street life. They helped around Oliver's bakery from time to time.  

Francis, Antonio and Gilbert formed a band called, of course, The BTT. The three of them along with their manager, Lovino, got a record deal. Their next album was due in a few months and already fangirls were lined up in music stores. 

Feliciano, Ludwig and Kiku were inseparable so they also joined the same college as you each under different majors. 

"You guys remember that time in high school-" 

"No," everyone said. 

"Aw! Cmon, guys!" You took a quick swig of your beer. "That was only four years ago."

"This is a reunion, (Name.) not a 'let's bring back all (bad) memories' time." Mike grumbled as he adjusted his tie. 

"He hasn't even graduated college yet and he's a geiser," Mandy sighed. 

"Fine. I wont talk about the past. So how's everyone's life? Mandy, let's start with you." 

"I'm engaged," she blurted out immediately. "Randy finally purposes and the Wedding's gonna be in about a year. Also, I'm going to France to intern a bit before so-"

"I call being maid of honor!"

"Of course, (Name)." 


Moshe looked up from doodling on her napkin. "Chris and I are thinking of opening up out our graphic design place and if it works out, we'll start expanding. What about you Chris?" 

"Chris is being Chris," he said. "As Kim said, the graphic design place is gonna be called KC Logo's. Also, my girlfriend dumped me because she told me to lose more weight so I'm on another diet plan."

"How long did the other one last, again?"

"Like three days," Mike said. "What about you, Betsy."

"I'm gonna be deployed in about a month and until then, I'll just be chilling," she said as she aimed a dart at the dartboard. "I have no idea where I'm going but it's probably classified."

"I hope you're joking," you said. 

"I'm not," she said as she landed a bullseye. "Mikey! What about you?! How's the Pre-Mee life going?" 

"Good, actually," he said as he straitened his tie again. "If my MCAT results come in above Thirty Six, I'll be on my way to Harvard. If I'm lucky that is." 

"You'll be fine, man!" You smacked his arm. "Stop worrying. You'll be fine. You worked your ass of for this so you'll do great."

"Thanks, (Name.)" 


"What about you, (Name?)" Mandy asked as she took a sip of her margarita. "Is life exciting?"

"Things are going great. I'm on my way to either Philadelphia Law, Columbia or maybe even Dukes. I still waiting for the results and then I'll be good to go," you said. "That is if I passed." 

"You did," Mike said. "You studied your ass of for that test. You'll do great." 

"You know what? You're right. I know I did good and I just have to believe that I'll get into a good college. Just gotta chillax and drink this ice cold beer," you said as you raised your bottle into the air. "You know. We deserve a toast."

"For what?" Chris said. "Getting through college?" 

"Yes," you said. "And for getting through those teenage years which we all can come to conclusion that sucked balls." Everyone murmured in agreement as they raised their glasses into the air. "You know what? We got through that,not to sound sentimental and all, by we made it and look at us. We're okay. The freaks made it. So.....cheers?"

"Cheers!" All of you said as you bumped your drinks together, celebrating that fact that the freaks did make it. 
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I was born in Brooklyn and I am currently in my sophomore year.
My favorite color is purple.
I'm a serious person but I can have fun when I want too.
My favorite song is Fireflies by Owl City. I like listening to Vocaliod too.
I like to draw, watch anime, write stories and read a book in my free time.
I like uniqueness and I think it's okay to be yourself no matter how different you are.
I enjoy watching Hetalia. The occasional Bollywood or Chinese action movie.
My favorite food is broccoli cheddar soup with Italian bread.
My favorite drink is ice tea, tea, or Pepsi.
I hate arguing/yelling/screaming. Unless I'm mad I will do those things.
Weird fact: caffeine doesn't make me hyper, it the opposite, I fall asleep soon after.



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VernichtenAlles Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the :+fav: on the epilogue chapter of Forged Anew!  That series was so much fun to write.  I am glad you enjoyed it.  :)
tadpole1991 Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2015
Thank you for the Favorite! ;-)
MeliStar19 Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2015  Student Writer
Thanks for the watch~!
jkls39 Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Hi! Sorry to trouble you with this. Can I ask for your opinion on the Pirate! England x Reader that I was working on that you requested a very long long time ago? You have read CH12 (2/2) of the story and I was hoping if you could give me some ideas for the next upcoming events for CH13. Since it is your requested story, I want to know what you want to have for the next events. I will wait for your reply then. Grazie! :meow:
TheRedGarnet Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2014
Yeah. Sorry it took so long.
I can start you up with an idea but you can continue from there.......
Sir here's an idea.....time to bring in the navy. I'm think it's bound to happen.
Here's some questions to help.
What about the backstory about Arthur and the witch?
Also how does reader chan feel about being away from home so long?
Where do the BTT stand in this matter?
Does reader chan know how to fight or use magic since the witch is taking over her?
What about her parents? Was she betrothed to anybody?
Do any new engines pop up? Friends of the family, 2p, BTT, ect.
Who else knows about the necklace?
jkls39 Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Hello! I'm so so so sorry if I just replied to this message of yours! My mind has been very jumbled up when I knew I would be graduating out of college this March 2015. I have lots of requirements to attend to and I don't have time to be thinking of writing fanfictions. Then, I decided that maybe I should go back to it and be inspired once more.

So regarding your questions and some add-ons, I will try my best to work on them. Let me just address each of the questions because I have some comments on some of them:

:bulletgreen: What about the backstory about Arthur and the witch? - I thought I have already done this part. Unless you wanted more backstory that is...
:bulletred: Where do the BTT stand in this matter? - You mean, what is their role in the story?
:bulletgreen: Do any new engines pop up? Friends of the family, 2p, BTT, ect. - Isn't the BTT and the Nordics enough?
:bulletred: Who else knows about the necklace? - So you want me to clarify this through the story?

Let me assess the story first before I proceed with the next chapter. I might apply some changes as well so that the story would turn out even better.

For now, good luck and be awesome! :la:
TheRedGarnet Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2015
Sorry it took me a while. Just checked my inbox. 
So to answer these,
1) I want to know how the witch and Arthur met. Like what they did, what happened between them, how he felt about her. That type of stuff. I'm curious.
2) Yes. What do the BTT do for the plot?
3) The BTT and Nordics are enough but what about reader-chans family. where are they? 
4)Yes, I would like for you to clarify who else knows about the necklace. Is it just the witches or other pirates?
S-h-A-d-O-w--C-a-T Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Ahahaha. Hello,again.
Thanks for the watch! Every one means a lot to me!
TheRedGarnet Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2014
no prob.
Akiraka-chan Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2014  Student General Artist
Eyy bro, remember me? :iconiggybrowsplz: //or do you even know me? //shot// jk// 

Guess what? I encountered your fics and I'm just gonna say that your Mafia!Romano X Tomboy!Reader is awesome! I stayed late to read them //slapped// :XD: Well, the tomboy personality describes me perfectly haha I don't fight though, I'm weak >w> And yeah...It's great! I love it! Keep up the good work :la: 
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