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Chapter 1: Goodbye to this life

"I'm dying," you said so simply. The person in front of you held no tears, no pity, no sadness. They only stared back at you with hollowed eyes. Then they scrunched their face up in anger. "ugh!" You growled at your mirror. 
you stepped away and stared at the results of the tests and scan. Different doctors and the same result. Some said a year and some said a month but whatever the result was, you were gonna die. 
Putting the papers away into your draw, you plopped down onto your vanity chair and looked at yourself. There wasn't much difference. You were still healthy looking but there was something just there. Perhaps it was the tirdness of your eyes or the slouch of you back or maybe the fact that you could my longer feel any reason to live. 
A snarp knock on your door inturupted your thoughts. Before you could say a thing, a certain millionaire came barging in with his red and gold suit on. 
"You gonna stare at yourself all day, cupcake or are we gonna kick some HYDRA ass?" Stark asked. 
"Not going, ironass," you said. "It's my day off. And Cupcake?" 
"Aw. C'mon, cupcake. You were excited to go last week. What happened?" 
"Tired." Lie. "Just not in the mood." Lie. "Go on. I'll be fine." Lie. 
"Okay," he said. "I'll grab you something," he said without closing the door. 
Once he was gone, you layed back onto your bed. 
What were you gonna do? 
The only person who knew of your illness was Fury and he told you to take an early retirement. He was saddened to se you go, somewhere in his heart he felt twinge of guilt. First Coulson (he's alive but still,) the agents he lost to HYDRA and now you. One of his few good eyes.
Now you weren't going on any missions. 
Now what to do? 
You aren't gonna sit here and let the disease take you, are you? No. This wasn't the end yet. 
Getting off of your but, you grabbed a pen and paper and scribbled places that you loved. Five and only five. 
This was your travel listed say and since you have the time, best to use what little of it there is.  
You ripped them into prices and scattered them onto the bed. Closing your eyes, you chose one. You slowly opened your eyes and looked down at the paper. 
A small and sad smile came onto your face. 
"JARVIS, I'm taking a little vacation," you said "and I may or may not be coming back." 
"Shall I inform the others, Miss _____?"
"No. I don't want to cause them any pain. I want this to be a clean break." 
"What about Mr-?"
"No," you said. "Not him. Unless anyone's inquires, you can tell them. Until then, I want this to stay a secret."
"Verh well, Miss ____," the AI said after a while. "My condolences. I wish you well." 
"Thank you, JARVIS." 
You packed your bag which consisted of essential. Medicine (it was of little help but it gave you some time,) toothbrush, clothes, passport and some important documents.  
The crinkled and pen stained paper was in your hand. You read over it for a bit before putting it in the draw with your resignation letter and test results. With one last look at your bedroom, you stepped away and hoped that your friends would understand. And you also hoped that he would understand. 

Before you left to the airport, you pinned a piece of paper onto his door. You hoped that he would understand it. 

On it you wrote:

"I was born on a rainy day, no sunlight 
Put away never to see
I will always fight
and though I fall, I'm free
The Saint of sick children in my home
The earth is my dominion to roam.  

Hastily you scrbbled:

Avengers X Sick!Dying!Reader. Roam the Earth.
First in a long time. Enjoy and tell me of o should continue.
Chapter 6: Needlessly Complicated Backgrounds

You glare at your friends. Glaring each of them down until they falture underneath your gaze. 

Hatter and Mr. Rabbit sipped their tea in silence as Alice averted her eyes from yours while the new boy just stared you down. His name was Ace and he was the new Knave of Hearts, Alice had appointed him soon after your departure. 

The research table in the library was turned into a tea table right out of Wonderland. Cups, plates, baskets of crumpets and tarts littered the table. Sam, Dean and Castiel sat next to Mr. Rabbit, confused as hell. 

"Well," you said in a clipped voice, "Does anyone want to tell me how and why exactly you crossed over?" 

"It's a long story-" Alice said hesitantly. 

"We have a problem," Ace inturupted. 

"Several actually, you see. It's a tad bit more complicated," Hatter added. 

"And I'm afraid it's getting much, much worse," Mr. Rabbit said fiddling with his pocket watch. 

"On a scale from one to releasing the jubjub bird, how bad is it?" You asked. 

"Jubjub bird," Alice chirped. 

"Worse than Jubjub bird," Hatter added in. "At least the JubJub bird didn't try to upurp the throne." 


"Maybe more Bandersnatch," Ace said into his tea. 

"No. It's Jabborwockey level bad. So much, much, much worse," Mr. Rabbit said, not exactly helping the mood with his figiting. 

"_______, you're no longer the Queen of Hearts," Alice said. Suddenly your stomach felt like it was gonna hurl over. "it's your mum, my dear. She's back from the Abyss and she's stronger than before. She took your crown and I couldn't stop her."

You stayed silent as your hand squeezed the crumpet to dust. Even your face was unnaturally still and that scared the shit out of everyone. Hatter and Mr. Rabbit leaned back. 

"Your majesty?" Ace tried. "Are you alright?" 

"Yes," you said. "I'm fine. Perfectly okay," you stood up, pushing your chair back. You looked up, your eyes blazing. Sams eyes widened as the red streaks in your hair grew back out, more vivid. Anger rolled off you in waves. "Can somebody tell me how exactly that whore got out of the Abyss?" You said in a low voice. 

"That might have been my fault, love." If if you had the Vorpal sword, you would have turned Crowley into an English shiskabab. "I might have demonized her a bit. Loving the red in your hair. Gives you more of an edge," he said. "Hello, boys." 

"Why are you here, Crowley?" Sam asked. He got up and pushed you behind him. 

"I'm not here to hurt your girlfriend and her band of freaks," Crowley said. 

"Excuse you, sir." Ace growled out the last syllable. "Your are addressing the Queen of Wonderland and the Queen of Hearts. I suggest you show some respect," he growled out. 

"And I'm the King of Hell. It's a royal ball, then. Isn't it?" He smirked. "Put your boyfriend on a leash," he said to Aloce leaving her a blushing mess. You took that to note. 

"Of course you would have demonized her," you said. "As if she wasn't one when she was alive," you signed. "Alright. What poor bastard did she possess?" 

"Oh, darling. I don't give out secrets so easily-" You had it. Within a minute, you summoned the Vorpal sword and had Crowley pinned to the wall. The sword against his throat. You were enjoying the look on his stupid English face. "This bitch is worse than you, Abadon and Metatron all together. She is as savage as a horde Leviathan. More darker and twisted than Eve herself. And she is now a demon. All those qualities have been basically quadrupled. She could easily become the Queen of Hell if she wanted to be so I'm going to suggest that you help us out, Crowley or that precious throne that you constantly brood over, you can kiss it bye bye ." 

"Damn, that's hot," Dean said underneath his breath. 

"Dean!" Sam hissed. Secretly he agreed with his brother. That was possibly the most hottest thing you've ever done.

"I didn't know that you were so dominating," Crowley smirked. You pressed the blade into his throat. "Okay! Okay! Fine! She possessed some red haired lad. Said something about that form being a weakness. I'll take it you knew the squib?" 

"Fuck off," you growled. 

"_______!" Hatter exclaimed. 

"He's the king of bloody Hell. He's heard so much worse," you said. "And that squibs name is Jasper." 

"And you would know this how?" Crowley asked. 

"I killed him, Crowley. Of course she would use him. Clever but that's a whole new low, even for her. I'm going to enjoy ripping her heart out," you said darkly. 

"She killed several of my black eyes boys before escaping. I'll take it she's not in our realm anymore," he said. "I'm liking this dark side of you, darling. It's a nice look for you. Very sexy."
"Crowley," Sam said. He narrowed his eyes at Crowley. 

"Calm down, moose. I'm not gonna steal your darling girl." 

"Can it, Crowley!" You growl. 

"She not going to wait for long, actually. She's coming here and she wants to finish this," Alice said. 

"How long?" You asked. 

"Three days," Hatter said. "She's challenging you for the throne, your majesty. She can't become Queen if your still alive. Did you receive a box?" 

"The summons box? Yeah." 

"It's from your mother, love. She's challenging you. Again." 

"We barely escaped last time, Hatter." Ace said, slamming his teacup into the table. "How are we suppose to defeat our former Matriarch? If I recall, previously we lost Princess _______ and Wonderland nearly collapsed. And may I mention the countless sacrifices? The March Hare, Duchess," he turned to you, "Jasper." 

Sam clamped his hand down on you shoulder, if he handing, you would t ha skilled Ace for bringing it back up. 

"It's different this time, Ace." Alice layed her hand on his arm. "We have _______ on our side this time and the Vorpal sword. We can do this." 

"How can you be so sure, your grace?" He asked. 

"Because I trust her with my life just as I trust mine with you. If that doesn't mean anything to you, then what does?" 

"Well, then. If we're done, I have hell to raise," you let Crowley go as he gave you a final smirk. "Kill that bitch for me, love." 


While Dean was introducing Hatter and Ace to the up world, you took Aloce into your room to change her out of her poofy blue gown and into something more comfortable. 

Alice chose a black trench coat that sent over a blue sweater and an old pair of blue jeans. She borrowed some old black flats to complete the look. Alice claimed that it wasn't right so she had added blue roses into her ponytail hinging it a different look. It was simple, elegant and subtly screamed of Wonderland. 

"Can you keep the crown somewhere?" She asked handing back the crown. You had it stored away in a draw, carved up by warding and sickle so that one could access it but you.   

"________," she started as you finished loving up. "What do you think of Ace?" 

"Hot headed and  kind of an ass but he's got his heart set in the right place," you said. "Why?" 

"Do you think he's a good General? Do you think I chose wrong?" She asked sitting down on your bed. You sighed and sat down next to her. 

"Alice, what's the matter?" 

"It's silly," she said as she hugged a pillow towards her chest. She looked more like a normal girl rather than a Queen. "You'll think it's childish." 

"Alice.......," she mumbled something into the pillow. "What was that?" 

"Do you think I'm a good Queen?" She asked. 

"Oh, Alice," you said. She laid her head in your lap and you sighed. "You're ten times the Queen I'll ever be," she still didn't say anything. "You sowed back the kingdoms, you stopped the civil war between Red and White, and the denizens love you. Alice, you're bringing Wonderland back to what it used to be." 

"But I can't help but feel guilty," Alice said. "I took what was yours from you. I didn't even ask for it, you just gave me Queenship." 

"Who else would I have given it to if not you? Do you think I gave away the crown in pity? No. I gave it away because you were always the one to become Queen. I was born to save Wonderland while you born to lead it." 

"Did Mr. Catipillar say that?"

"Would you believe me if I said no?" 

"Not even for a second," she giggled. 


it wasn't until much later in the night  that everyone was situated. Hatter, Ace and Mr. Rabbit had rooms. Alice slept peacefully in your room from where you left her, you didn't have the heart to wake her. Dean had shortly retired to his room, leaving Sam and you alone. Cas was gone to do angel stuff.   

"How do you feel?" Sam asked you. You huffed and collapsed onto the sofa, your head set in his lap. Sam ran his fingers through your messy, wind blown hair. "Tell me," he said simply. 

You loved that about Sam. He was just a comforting person to be around, no matter the situation, he could manage to calm your nerves despite the fact that he was causing them. 

"I'm anxious," you started hesitantly. "And scared and confused and angry. I should have destroyed her.  Made sure that her soul was dead too but I thought when I killed her that it would be the end of it. Gods! I'm such an idiot," you growl. 

"It's okay," he said. "Would a hug help or something?" 

"Sure," you said wrapping your arms around the giant. Even if you were tall, you still came up to his chest but that was okay with you. You could hear his heartbeat and it was beating as fast as yours. "I'll take whatever comfort I can get. I'm just selfish that way," you said.  

"No, you're not." He said. 

Such small moments yet they could mean so much. You sighed and looked over your friends, new and old. How long until everything broke apart and you went crazy. Again. 
Chapter 5: Bow to the Queen, bitches. 

After the whole reveal and the drama that enfolded the previous night, you decided to get drunk rather than burn your research. 

"How do you guys handle hangovers?" You asked the two brothers as you walked into the library. You had just recently emtied the contents of your stomach, food was not an option. 

"Greasy food," Sam said. He handed you a bag. Thank the gods for cheeseburgers.

"Have I told you I loved you?"


"Okay, then!" Dean said through a mouthful of food, "Do we have a case? Something not you know...wierd. Something? Anything?"

"We're hunters, darling. Everything's wierd to us," you said. 

"Well.....we have a case. Something about things popping up randomly then flashing out. Cold spots and magnetic disturbances. Bobby wants us to check it out."

"why can't Bobby do it?" You asked through your second Apple. 

"Because him and Garth are handling a case in Wisconsin. Sheriff Mills notoced some odd complaints coming in," Sam said. "It sounds like a ghost infestation." 

"Did Death do something again?" You asked. "Or Crowley?" 

"No," Dean said. "He's not involved." you didn't question it. If anybody knew Death himself, it would be Dean. 

"And Crowley would have been bragging about it by now," Sam said. You had to agree with that. 

"Maybe it's just the ley lines acting up," you suggested. 

"The what?" Dean asked. "Ley lines? As in magical, non existing lines of energy that criss cross the Earth?" 

"They're real and it's kinda important. Sioux Falls is a beacon for ley lines. Multiple lines criss cross it. Ley lines are active for certain holidays. Hmmm," you said. "Dean. What's the date?" 

"April 22," he said. "Why?" 

"Sam. Go to the library and get a book called. Rituals and Spells," you snapped

"Why?" He asked. 

"Hop to, soldier!" You said instead. He shrugged and walked out side. "Dean stay here and don't do anything Dean-ish." 

You ran out of there and into your room, leaving your hangover behind. 
In a small corner, on a crappy wooden desk was three separate journals. They were labelled: Wonderland, Earth, and Reasarch. You grabbed all three and ran back into the library. Dean was out there and so was Sam, the book in his hand. 

"Go to April and see if any days are close to August 22," you instruct Sam. You flipped through your research notebook looking for April. "Anything?" 

"No. Nothing in here-wait! I've got one date." 

"Spit it out then!" 

"Saint Marks Eve," he said. "A day where ghosts roam through cemeteries."

"Oh. That's not good," you looked at the both of them with wide eyes. 

"What, ______?"

"You know how I said that someone was sending Wonderland-ish things through a portal to here?" You asked nervously. 

"Who's coming?" Dean asked.  

"I don't want to be right," you said. "But if I am, then it's so much worse than I thought. I thought that these things came through randomly but it's always on certain a dates. Ugh! Stupid! Of course use the veil to get through. Genius. That's how they unlocked the door! But if they did that, then they had to be......" You started ranting on. "Oh no."

Sam glared at Dean before approching you, "________," he said gently. You were still pacing, your face scrunched up in worry. "_______," he tried again. Sam held onto your arm to stop you from pacing. You stopped and looked up at him. For a small moment he saw fear in your eyes before it was replaced by worry. "Take a deep breath and tell us what's the matter. Let's sit down, okay?" He put his hand on her shoulder and guided her to the chair. "Now, tell me." 

"I think.....that if whoever is doing this in opening a portal through the veil then," you looked at Sam, "There's only two reason that Angie would want to open a portal.  One to find me and kill me. Two, Wonderland is in trouble and someone needs me." 

"So which one is it?" Dean asked. 

"I'm banking on the first one. No one in Wonderland would be that stupid," you said. "But if someone is trying to find me then we have to go to Sioux Falls." 


It took a good majority of the day, but eventually the three of you made it. Thanks to your study of leylines, you were able to pinpoint the exact location of where the portal would open. Bonny's house. Not really a shocker. This places EMF was off its rocker and it wasn't even Saint Marks Eve. 

"You're right, _______." Dean put away the EMF. "This place is radiating all types of crazy."

You pulled out some chalk from you jacket and started drawing on the floor. Ever since you've been cut off from Wonderland, you couldn't exactly perform magic. Sure you could maintain a decent spell or move objects, but you weren't as strong.

When you were younger, you would acompany Mr. White to the surface. Sometimes to run errands or check up on Earth. But before the two of you would leave, he had taught you how to draw the closing sigil. It marked that a portal belonged to the Queen and going in or out of it was considered a dangerous crime. 

The Queen of Hearts sigil was a hollowed heart with thorns around it in a circle. 

"Fancy," Dean commented. 

"Now what?" Sam asked. 

"We wait and what every comes out of that portal, I want you boys to be ready." 


You hadn't slept the entire night. Dean dozed off rights around one am and Sam tried to stay up with you. Eventually he fell asleep in a chair, his book stil on the table. 

The sigil remained and the EMF spikes a little bit but nothing too major. Nothing seemed unusual. A normal morning. The sun shined through the shades and into the room. You  ran your finger through you hair in frustration making it more of a mess. The was nothing. Nada. Zilch. Zero. 

You groaned and layed back in your chair. You let your eyes close as you felt sleep crawling up. Just a few minutes of shut eye, that's what you needed. And some beer. Preferabley. 

"_______!" You snapped your eyes open, waking up from a dreamless nap. Sam was shook your shoulder, his gun drawn and pointed at the sigil. Uou hoped up, sleep forgotten and brought the Vorpal Sword. 

the room shook and the sigil on the floor glowed a menacing blue. You shuddered and swallowed your uneasiness. 

"Is this it?!" Dean asked. 

"Yup! Get ready!" 

As soon as you said those words, a bright purple portal opened up causing the room to shake. You could catch a few glimpses of Wonderland and the palace. It made your heart wrench, you nearly thought about jumping back in. But you weren't ready to leave Sam or Dean. 

As fast as it appeared, it flickered and hiccuped. The wind died down long enough for a projectile to launch itself from the portal. You ducked in time as it embedded itself in the wall. 

"The hell?" You glared at the portal, waiting but nothing. It shrunk and then collapsed into itself leaving behind carnage and papers. Bobby was going to murder you. All of you. "Shit!"

"All in favor of blaming it on Angels, say aye!" You said raising  your hand. 

"Aye," Sam and Dean said at the same time. 

"Why are angels at fault for everything?" Cas asked. 


After cleaning up Bobbys living room and kitchen and wiping away the sigil except yours , the three of you drove back immediately to the bunker. The EMF died down drastically as the portal closed. You officially determined that the probability of that portal opening was zero. 

"So what's in the box?" Dean asked. "Did you get someone's head?"

"Very funny and no. It's something that shouldn't even be here. Whoever sent this is trying to tell me something."

"What's the message?" Sam asked as he examined the box. 

"I don't know and I don't like no knowing," you said. 


Once you got back to the bunker, you went immediately towards the dungeon and locked the box in there.

"Whatever happens, we never open that box. Okay?" You said. 

"I disagree," Dean said. 

"Don't care," you said. 

"It's a box with something that is clearly freaking you out. Don't tell me not to care. Whatever that is bad," Sam interjected. 

"You're right. It's bad. It's something I don't want to see again. Just trust me,Dean. It's best if we never look at it." You said. "There are-no were-sides of me that were once dark and terrifying. I don't want to go back to that and I don't want either of you to see that." 

"Okay," Dean said backing up. "But if something happens, it's on you." Sam looked at the door of the dungeon. He's clearly wasn't comfortable with this. 

"Not your burden to bear, then."


That night you didnt sleep peacefully. Your mind decided it wanted to take a trip down memory lane or as you used to call it, nightmare road. 

Its was a bloody memory than a nightmare. Nightmares had nothing on what laid in your memories. 

The day was such a nice day ironically. The crowd before you was silent as you looked out at them. The chains around your hands and legs were the only sound besides the wind. 

"________ of Hearts, you stand accused of high treason against her majesty the Queen of Hearts. How do you plead?" The Knave asked you. You always hated his weasily face. 

You our glared at him and spat at his feet. You turned towards your 'mother.' "Not guilty," you said strongly. 

"Enough," she said with a quick wave of her hand. "_______, my sweet. Just come back to me. Leave those rebels and come back. Come home. There's nothing to gain throwing your lot with those insurgents, you can be powerful with me," she smiled a false and sweet smile. "With me. We can be together, mother and daughter." 

You didn't hesitate, "Never!" 

"Tch. Unfortunate," she sighed. "Knave!" 

"Yes, your majesty?!" 

"Get the Jasper boy up here. Make it quick. I don't like my executions slow," she said. 

"No!" You screamed trying to get out of your chains. The two card soldiers pushed you back down to your knees, keeping their hands on your shoulders. "Don't you dare! You hag!" 

Jasper of Diamonds was dragged onto the platform, broken and bleeding. His red hair matted with blood and one of his lovely eyes swollen shut. Your heart screamed in your chest. You wanted to break these chains and run over towards him. 

"Hey there, Princess." He smiled weakly through his pain. "I guess we're in a jam of sorts."

"Jasper. I'm so, so sorry," you said weakly. "I'll get you out of this ,I swear."

"Adorable, really. I think I have heartburn now," you mother said. She rose up from her throne. "_______, since you refuse to come back and take your place, I have no other choice than to punish you," she tilted your head up and looked into your eyes. "I think it's time for you to listen to your mother, ______. Knave!" 

"Yes!" He said. 

"Release the girl for the chains and read off her ultimatium. I'm bored with this," she said. 

Two card soldiers unlocked the chains around your arms and legs, allowing you to stand on unsteady legs. 

"_______ of Hearts. You herby are accused of being guilty of treason against our Queen. Your punishment will be of your choosing. Our gracious queen has given you a choice. You may either kill Jasper of Dimonds and spare Miss Liddell and The land of Hearts from being killed or The Queen of Hearts will kill you and everyone else. You must choose now," with that he handed you the executioners blade and pushed you towards Jasper. 

"N-no. I can't do this," you said. "How could I?" 

"______," Jasper said. He looked up through the the blood and swollen eye, he smiled so sadly and that broke your heart. "Do it. I know it's selfish but you have to do it," he said. 


"One day you'll become Queen and you'll kill that bitch but until then, I want you to keep fighting and fighting," he said. "You have to live on and find a way to warn Alice. It's okay, my love. I knew I wasn't going to survive this world. Be brave, lass."

"I'm so sorry," you said. 

"I love you, ______. I always will," he smiled. 

"Off with his head!" The Queen of bloody Hearts yelled. 

You pulled the sword back and let your tears fall. "Forgive me, my love!" You said as you sliced down, closing your eyes. 


"________!" You opened your eyes to see Sam. He leaned over your, shaking your shoulders. "Are you okay?" 

"Yeah," you said finally. You sat up and rested your head on his shoulder. "Life sucks, man." 

He snorted, "Tell me about it," he said. "What was it about?" 

"The worse day of my life," you said wiping off some stray tears. 

"Too painful?" 


"Don't want to talk about it?" 

"I'd prefer to just stay like this." 

The two of you sat in silence. He wrapped his arms around you as you just laid your head on his shoulder. You didn't cry. There was no reason to and you told yourself you would forgive and forget. That was much harder than it sounded. 

You closed your eyes once again. This time Sam leaned back against the headboard and laid your head in his lap. He stayed there until he started telling asleep. He knew his neck would hurt like hell after this but it was worth it. 

Of course, peaceful moments like these were meant to be inturupted. In came Dean, slamming open of course, frantic. 

"Huh.? What?" You asked groggily as you sat back up. 

"What the hell, Dean?" Sam said rubbing his eyes. 

Dean ignored the fact that the two of you were together, "We have a problem!"  

"When do we not?" 

"_______, it's from the dugeon." 

You our were up in an instant and out the door. 

He was right, the dungeon door was shaking and light was coming from inside. You unlocked the door quickly and swung the doors open. The box inside was still there,  this time glowing blue. Not a menacing blue like last time but a more softer blue, sky blue. 

The portal opened and this time it didn't collapse in on itself. Sam and Dean already had thief shotguns aimed at whatever was coming through, you didn't have the Vorpal Sword so you would have to use the angel blade. 

And finally four different people tumbled out of the portal. Just fell onto a heap on the floor. 

One particular figure, with a crown--formally your crown----resting on top of her her long blonde hair and poofy blue dress looked up, searching with her baby blue eyes. Finally they rested on you. She smiled a smile for which you hadn't seen in such a long time. 

"_______," she breathed out. "It's so good to see you," she said right before she collapsed. You stooped towards the floor and caught her. 

"Oh gods! Alice!" 

Chapter 4: Worlds not so apart

"You wanna explain?" Dean asked from the front seat. "You just chopped a cupids head off with that! When the hell did you even get a sword? And why didn't you even bother telling us about?"

"Calm down, Dean. I'm sure _____ has an explanation for this," Cas turned to you, "______, please explain to me why you just killed one of my brothers and where you received that sword?"

"All in good time," you said. "I love you both but you may want to be in a more secure location before I tell you."

"Stop being cryptic, it's freaking me out!" Dean said. He glared at you through the rear view mirror. 

"I've always been cryptic," you smirked. Sam groaned and turned his head in your lap. He was still out and currently his head laid on your lap. You sighed and ran your fingers through his hair. You felt a little guilty that he was knocked into a tree but it gave you a chance to use the sword. 

The drive back to the bunker was silent and tense. Dean wouldn't even look at you, you could understand why. One of his closest friends had betrayed him and knowing Dean, he didn't take betrayal. 

Cas shifted his eyes from you and Dean. He eventually became uncomfortable and left. 

By the the time the three of you made it back, the both of you dragged Sam through the door and into his room. Once you made sure that there were no serious injuries, you waked back into the main room. Dean and Cas were already there, waiting for you. 

You took a seat and leaned back, closing your eyes ignoring your bloodstained clothes. Where to start, you loved the boys dearly but you didn't want to tell them your life story. As far as they knew, you were a researcher who studied the creatures that the dark had to offer. But then again, you owed it to them. You owed them the truth but could they handle it?

"Alright," you said. "You got questions. One at a time. Now shoot." 

"So," Dean said breaking the silence. "What the hell was that, ______? Hmm?" Dean asked. 

You were seriously debating if you should lie or not. You looked up to Deans eyes and you felt even worse. He was begging you silently. 

"I don't know where to start," you looked down at the sword on the desk. 

"Who you are would be a good place," Dean said. "Are you even ______ or was that made up? Because a few hours ago, you didn't have red in your hair and eyes like that."

"Sometimes, I forgot that you can be the most pig headed person in the world," you scoffed. "If something that isn't human does something human, you get so confused. What's it like in your little head? It must be so boring."

"Answer the question, ______." Cas said. 

You closed you eyes and thought about it. Screw it, you were gonna tell them. "I come from Wonderland, okay." 

After a long moment, a tired voice spoke up. "As in Alice in Wonderland? That Wonderland?" 

"Yes, Samuel." You said. "I'm from Wonderland. You look a little worse than usual."

"That's because I've been thrown a against a tree," he said sitting down next to you. You passed him a water bottle. "I've missed something important, haven't i?"

"He called you the Queen of Hearts," Cas said, ignoring Sam. He tilted his head. "What does a character from a children's novel have to do with anything?"

"You mean the crazy bitch who liked chopping peoples heads off?" Dean scoffed. "The resemblance is spot on."

"Shut up!" You hissed at Dean. Your eyes and red streaks appeared again. "That crazy bitch was the reason Wonderland nearly fell. Don't get her confused with me." 

"So your mom is the Queen of Hearts?" Sam raised an eyebrow.

"She was before she became the Queen on Wonderland. You guys thought you had family problems. Mom was a bitch through and through. Trust me when I said I had no regrets when I killed her." 

"Queen of Womderland and Queen of Hearts, what the difference?" Sam asked. 

"The Queen of Wonderland rules over all of Wonderland. Wonderland is divided into many, many parts. The fey and Oz are our neighboring lands. Hearts, Red, White, Black are ruled by a Queen who appoints her own Queens for each part."

"I'm sensing a back story here," Sam said. "If you're Queen of Hearts, who's Queen of Wonderland? In the book, weren't there two sides fighting for power."

"A history lesson too late!" You said. "Red won the war."

"But what about the White Queen?"


"The Red Queen?"

"Also dead."

"The Queen of Wonderland?"

"Alive. I hope."

Dean said. "If you're suppose to be Queen of Wonderland, why the hell are you here?"

"Unfortunately before I could kill here, my bitch of a mother nearly caused Wonderland to collapse by opening a portal here. The only way for me to close it was to enter the portal  and close the portal from the outside." You snapped your fingers and the world map lightened up with bright green dots crisscrossing the globe. "I've been documenting places where creatures from Wonderland have crossed into this world. I was hoping that one day I might be able to go back. I've tried spells and incantations over and over hoping to find a way but I'm afraid that's it's sealed to me. Whoever is letting these creatures slip through doesn't want me to go back. Who? I don't know. Why? I'm the Queen of Hearts. I'm too powerful for them or I'm a threat. I don't know but when I find them, I'm gonna cut off their heads."

"I take it that this is why you took up hunting?" Cas asked. "On how to kill creatures?"

"More or less. But to also further my research but I guess I've finally given up. There's no way to get back into Wonderland. I've learned that now." 

"So the hair and eyes?" Dean pointed at your red streaks. 

"A small reminder of Wonderland that hasn't faded," you sighed and slumped in your seat. You could feel your head throbbing. "It's genetic, I can suppress it but sometimes it's comes out."

"When you use the sword?" Cas help the Vorpal Sword in hand, admiring the blade. 

"It's called a Vorpal sword," you said. "It was given to me by a.......friend right before I went into the portal." The room went silent and you didn't bother to look up at your friends. "Well. Anything you wanna say? Any more questions? I understand if you didn't want to see me again and all but say something, you idiots. Silence isn't exactly reassuring." 

"What the hell are we suppose to say to all that? We just learned tha your royalty-"

"Former royalty."

"Whatever," Dean stood up and grabbed two cold beers. He opened one for himself and slid on towards you. "I think you might want to drink that."

"You're not mad?" You raised an eyebrow. "Sam and Cas I get but you Dean, shouldn't you be pissed. I kinda, you know, hid a deep dark secret from you. I'm the bloody Queen of Hearts! Don't take this so calmly, you moron."

"You want me to be mad at you?" 

"I was expecting the silent treatment," you admitted. "But yes." 

"Look, ______. I don't care. At least you came clean about it and yeah, I'm kinda shell shocked and I was pissed. It's not everyday that you find out one of your friends is the Queen of Hearts."

"Okay then" you said taking a sip. "So we can put this whole issue behind us. I'm sorry I killed one of your 'brothers,' Cas. And Sam, I'm sorry you had to see that."

"It's okay, I guess. Like Dean said, thank you for telling us."

"Alright! Anyway, boys! I think that this has been a very eventful day," you got up. "If you need me, I'll be in my room burning my research. Goodnight."
Supernatural X Reader. Crazy and Crazier
A lot of drama, filler and words. Sorry.
Chapter 3: Dreams And Disasters

The boys and you were in the bunker, the library to be more exact. You sipped your tea as you flipped another page. 

"This blows," you groaned as you slammed the teacup on the table. 

"You okay there, _____?" Sam asked looking up from his book. 

"Yeah," you said, "I'm just pissed. What is this thing? It's not a Shojo, it's not a werewolf, not even a Wyvern. It's got me confused." 

"You can't know everything, kid. It's probably new no thanks to that Eve bitch," Dean said. 

"But that's the problem, Dean-o. I know every creature like the back of my hand. I even consulted Charlie about it, she's got nothing either. What is this thing?" You grit your teeth in frustration. 

"She has a point, Dean." Castiel said. You didn't even hear a flutter of wings. "This can be anything at this point. Even I have no idea what it is." 

"And you know we're screwed when Cas doesn't know what it is," you said. 

"______," Dean said wearily. 

"You know I'm right," you shrugged as you grabbed another book and got up. "I don't k is about you boys but I'm taking a break. We've been at this for an entire day. Maybe some rest would do us some good." You put a hand on Sam's shoulder. "Especially you, mister." 

"I'm fine," he said. 

"The hell you are," you growled as you snatched the book away from him. "You're running on vapors, Samuel. You need sleep," you glared at Dean, "Even you!" 

"_______," Sam started. 

"Don't even try," you said as you walked away, "Seriously,boys. Get some sleep." 

You closed the door to your room and collapsed on your bed. The alarm clock read 3:30 in the morning. You groaned and grabbed your pillow and turned off your lamp. You didn't bother to change, you were just too tired. 


"_______!" You opened your eyes to a light purple sky. The sun hadn't yet risen into the Wonderland sky, it was much too late at night. At first your mind wondered until you remembered, you were supposed to be out on patrol. 

"Wake up, _______!" Someone shook your shoulder to wake you up.

"What is it, Jasper?" You asked the red haired boy sleepily. He smirked at you and you reached up to cup his cheek. His smirk turned into a smile and a smile bloomed on your face as well. "Shouldn't you be bothering the Cat?" 

"Shouldn't you be on patrol?" he asked brushing a strand of hair away from your face.  

 You reached up, wrapping your arms around him and pulled him down next to you. "Patrol can wait," you said. You closed your eyes and laid your head on his chest. 

"As you wish," he said pulling you closer to his chest. He pressed his lips against your forehead and ran his fingers through your hair, "My Princess."


You awoke with tears in your eyes, sitting up you glanced at the clock. It was well into the afternoon. You groaned and fell back into the covers 

Why of all the infinite dreams you had, did you have to dream about him? You heart clenched painfully as you felt hot tears pour down your face. Even after all these years, that wound was still fresh and it stung so bad. 

But you had a job to do so it was time to push that memory away. You got up and walked towards the bathroom. You dressed up in your usual ensemble, a pair of faded jeans, a red tee shirt, your black jacket and boots. 

"Morning, Sam," you greeted the giant of a man. You reached up and swept a stray piece of hair from his face. "I swear, one day I'm gonna give you a hair cut." 

"Action, not words." 

"Haha," you said sarcastically. You grabbed an apple and grabbed another book, this time it was Hellhounds. Maybe you and the boys should summon Crowley, maybe he's killing for the sake of it. But then again, it's Crowley. He might be a demon but he ran hell with an iron fist. Nothing got past him. You quickly ruled him out as a suspect. 

"Are you sure you okay, _______?" Sam asked. He set a cup of tea in front of you. "You're not looking too good." 

"I can ask the same of you," you pointed at the circles underneath his eyes. "Damnit! Samuel, you stayed up didn't you?!" You growled. You threw the half eaten Apple at him which he dodged. "This is extremely unhealthy!"

"I'm fine!" 

"Alright, lovebirds!" Dean said as soon as he walked into the kitchen, he looked like hell had another row with him, "It's too early for this."

"I don't think sleep is in our vocabulary," Sam said.  

"Neither is 'smart,' 'self preservation,' or 'help,'" you snapped. 

"Looks like we're not the only ones who didn't get enough sleep," Dean said smugly. Oh, how much did you want to smack that smug look off his face. 

You stick your tounge out at him before grabbing more fruit to eat. 

"So get this," Sam said. Finally, something to give you guys a lead. "You know how the victims died. Each one killed each other and were both found at the scene of the crime?"

"And? Are the victims connected?"

"No," he said sliding two different files towards you, "I sent Cas to look at the bodies. He found this symbol," he pointed to something. "It's Enochian. Specifically-"

"The vics were all soulmates," you said. 


"It's a rogue Cupid." You heard a flutter of wings and Cas stood in front of you. You took a step back automatically. 

"Then let's gank him," Dean said. 

"The matters much more complicated than that," Cas said. 

"Spit it out, Cas. This whole case sucks already." 

"He's more dangerous now and he's targeting couples. Instead of love, he's making hate. It's intensifies when he touches the soulmates." 

"So, What do you want us to do? Go on a date and lure this bastard out?" You scoffed. The room went silent and the boys turned around to look at you. "What?" Then is dawned on you. "Screw you!" 


You glared at the youngest Winchester. Sam coughed into his fist and looked towards Cas for help. Cas was too busy scoping out for the rogue Cupid. Dean was helping him. Currently the four of you were across the park where you heard most couples liked to go for a date. You tugged at your skirt and glared at Sam once more. Luckily you brought leggings for the cold and a jacket. 

"He's here," Cas said. "He's very near." 

"That's your cue, lovebirds," Dean said. 

"Shut up, Dean!" You growled. "Cmon, Sasquatch. Let's get this over with," you grabbed his hand and yanked him out of the car. Sam looked toward who brother for help. Dean just smirked and flashed him a thumbs up. 

"Is this wise? ______ is hardly the Romaric type and I'm sorry to say this but your brother is awkward around her," Cas said as the both of them sat down on a park bench. 

"They'll be fine. Besides, it's healthy. They like each other. They just need a nudge in the right direction. No harm done," Dean said as he looked through his binoculars. 

"So, where is he?" You asked impatiently. 

"Um....perhaps we're suppose to act like a couple and it might show up. Wasn't that the plan?" 

"Yeah. How about a no."

"it's just for the case, _____. Just hold my hand. You don't have to do much," he held out you hand and flashed you his puppy dog eyes. You sighed and succumbed. 

You rolled your eyes, "Fine." Hesistently you held his hand and if felt.....awkward but pleasant. The warmth of his hand was welcoming. 

After sitting on park bench chatting away, the both of you decided to get up and walk around the park all while Cas and Dean were behind you, somewhere in the shadows. The two of you arrived at the designated spot, quiet and secluded near a gravel path. 

You sat down and tried your hardest to be lovey dovey. It's just wasn't your style. So there you were awkwardly leaned against Sam Winchester. He reached up and started running his hands through your hair. You stiffened at his touch but eventually calmed down and laid your head on his shoulder.

"Can I ask you something,______?"

"You just did, silly." 

"Um, _____," he cleared his throat, "Do you want my jacket?" 

"No. I'm good. I brought my own." You smiled. "Smooth by the way."

"Shut up," he nudged you a smile also on his face.  

It was a really nice spot. It reminded you of the Vale of Tears on a moonlit night. It was one of your favorite places to go when you wanted to get away. You remembered showing it to Alice, her awe and wonder was unextrodinary at the time. How was that wisp of a girl. Were Mr. Rabbit and Hatter taking care of her? Was Wonderland better? 

A strong gust blew through the air, interrupted your thoughts and you stiffened. Not due to the cold but due towards your memories resurfacing of that particular red headed boy. Sam stiffened too, his mind replaying images of a beautiful blonde haired girl. 

You got up and pushed those memories away. The Vorpal blade in its tiny form was pressed into your palm. 

"That's new," someone said. A lone figure walked out of the shadows, his smirk was more irritating that Deans. "Most couples would be at each other's throats by now."

You glared at him, Sam was instantaneously by your side. His angel blade out and ready. He shoved you gently behind him. 

"So you're the local Cupid?" You raised your eyebrow. 

"Was," he corrected. "I was the local Cupid." 

"Why kill of the couples? I thought you cherubs were suppose to be all about love," Sam said. 

"Ah, love." You and Sam exchanged a look, "Love is a very complex emotion, you know. It's a perfect valence of every emotion in existence. It's a very fragile, you tip the balence and that bond breaks." 

"Not answering the question," you growled. "Why kill off the soulmates?"

"Fun," he shrugged. "Just want to expirement. With the war in heaven, things have been a bit hectic. I guess I'm just killing time. No pun attended." 

"Angels," you said in disgust. 

"Humans," the Cupid scoffed. He flicked his hand and Sam went crashing into a tree knocking the man unconscious.


Every time! 

In a blink he was behind you, "What I don't get is that you two aren't falling for each other. You're soulmates afterall. We cupids out your parents together and his, it's only natural that you fall for each other." You thrusted the sword forward but the bastard moved. "Maybe the both of you don't want to fall in love, being hunters and all." 

"You know nothing. Romance and relationships really aren't my forte!" You swung at him, even nicked him in the shoulder. A small sliver of glowing light could be seen before he healed himself. 

"Interesting," he said bringing out his angel blade, "I remember putting your parents together. It was fun watching your basilick of a mother tear that lamb of a father into pieces. A small sliver of hate and anger, that's all it took."

The both of you were in a heated duel. You glared into the cupids eyes. "Then why put them together?" 

"Simple. There needed to be a new queen and you were it. Of course you ruined it by falling in love with a bastard!" 

He pushed you off and tried to stab you in the gut. Years of experience with a sword saved you from being filleted. You couldn't land any fatal blows but you could see that he was having fun. 

That at anger in you resurfaced. You growled and sliced his leg. He bowled in anger and tried to stab you. Your reflexes took over as you sword cut through his hand like butter. His hand landed on the grass, angel blade still in hand. You swiftly pointed the sword at his throat. 

"You couldn't have been as powerful as the Wizard of Oz but you chose love and look were that put you. You had a destiny but you threw it all away. What is it with you hunters, spitting onthe gifts heaven gave you," he glared at you. 

"If he was my soulmate, why did he die?" You asked calmly. 

"Because he never was really your soulmate," he said. "We have a saying, all is fair in love and war but we know he didn't die. He was killed. By you," he leaned in closer, the blade cutting into him. "Tell me something. What did his face look like when the love of his life set this sword against his neck?" 

For a while minute your were silent and you just stared at him. There were no tears, no anger. Just angry resolve. You leaned in close to him, the tips of your hair brushing his face. 

He he watched as your eyes morphed in anger and bloodlust. Bright red streaks, wove through your hair, red and hot like the anger in you. And for one second, you saw the pure fear in his eyes and you relished in it. 

"There she is," he smirked. "The Queen of Hearts is back."

In a steady voice you said: "From where I come from, we have a saying as well." You raised the sword up. "Off with your head." And chopped his head off with a single blow. He screamed and his eyes glowed blue right before his headless body sank toward the ground. 

"What the hell?" Dean said coming out from the bushes. He looked at your blood splattered clothes and red streaks in shock. When he looked into your eyes he took a step back. Your gaze was intense and downright scary. 

"______, tell me you didn't just......," Cas trailed off as he saw the Cupid on the ground. "Oh no." 

"Right," you said. You cleaned the blood stains off your sword, "I'm sure you guys have questions but I think that can wait. We have a moose down." 
Supernatural X Reader Crazy and Crazier
There's not that much blood......
Yup. I made a new Wattpad acount. 
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I'm under the name VeraChendra. 
Here's the link:…
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