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Is it true?

    "What do I do?" You paced around in your room. Soon you kneeled next to the bed and buried your face in a pillow. "I don't know what to do." You half mumbled/cried into the pillow. 
    You stood up and walked to the mirror. Slowly you lifted up your shirt to revel your rather slim abdominals. Putting the shirt back down you paced again. 
    Lovino was out for the night and wouldn't get back until midnight. You had finished negotiations with Kiku several hours ago. You had since then thrown up at least three times. Before that, you were experiencing waves of dizziness earlier in the morning. At first you thought it was a bug but as you threw up the third time, you felt worried. 
    You and Lovino had been married for a little over a year. Your father was slowly starting to warm up to Lovino even though he did scare Lovino with his overprotectiveness at times. Imagine his face when you tell your father you got knocked up. 
    What worried you know was his would Lovino react. He did say he wanted to start a family but he was also worried about raising his children in this environment. He was the to be mafia boss of the Vargas family. He couldn't leave if he wanted to, not like Feliciano who left because he gave up his right to be boss. 
    The clock said it was only nine, a few more hours till he would come home.
    You climbed up on the bed and let your tears flow as you laid there. In all honesty, you were scared shitless. Fear and uncertainty griped you. Wielding a sword and shooting a gun was so much easier than this!
    Next to you laid your phone. If there was one person you had to talk to, it would be Haley. You reached over and dialed a number. Willing your tears away, you waited for her to answer. 
    "Hello?" She chirped. 
    "H-hey," You said, "What are you up to?" 
    "Heya there, (Nickname.) Nothing much. I have some news though."
    "So do I," you said nervously 
    "Feli proposed/I'm pregnant," the both of you said at the same time. There was a long, awkward pause on the phone. "What?" The both of you said at the exact same time again. 
    "You first!" Haley screamed into the phone. 
    "Um...I think I'm pregnant. I'm not-." 
    "Did you do a pregnancy test?" She inquired. 
    "Not really." 
    "Then how do you know?" 
    "I've been fatigued and throwing up since the morning so I assumed but....."
    "When was the last time you guys had sex?" She asked frankly. 
    "H-Haley!" You hissed out. You felt your face blush even more. 
    "What? How are you suppose to know? Did you?" 
    "Yes we did," you felt a little uncomfortable saying this but this was your sister so it was fine. "It was probably a week ago." 
    Ah yes. It was your anniversary together and Roma had decided to host a private party. Lovino had gladly agreed to this party, unusual of him since he hated parties with a passion. 
    However it was after the party he surprised you. It was a bit of a blur mostly from the alcohol you had been drinking that night. All you remembered was a very passionate kiss that got very heated and still blushed at the thought of what happened next. 
    You woke up in pain but it was welcoming for some odd reason. Lovino was still asleep next to you and you laid back down, snuggled up next to your husband. 
    "He doesn't waste time does he?" Haley mumbled. 
    "Nothing." She 'hmmed' and then asked, "Did you tell him?"
    "No....I don't know how." 
    "Just tell him, wait till he gets home and just make him sit down, some where quiet of course, so you can tell him." She said. 
    "No buts," she snapped, "He has the right to know and hiding it is a bad idea. Just to him and see how it goes." 
    "Yeah but...." You trailed off.
    "I'm......scared." You scoffed. "Sorry. That was such a typical reason."
    "Hey, sis." Haley said, "It's okay to be scared sometimes. You have me, mom, dad, Lovino and whole lot of other people who care deeply for you. We'll be here, sis. Never ever forget that."
    "Thanks, Hal." You said. you wiped off the tears that dampened your cheeks. 
    "Anytime, sis." She  said.
    "So about that proposal?"
    You fell asleep as soon as you hung up the phone. The last time you looked at the clock it was nine. It was currently midnight as you were so sound asleep that you didn't notice the door open.
    "(Name?)" Lovino said quietly. He walked in and saw your figure asleep on the bed that the both of you shared. 
    You mumbled incoherently and then buried your face into the pillow again. Lovino rolled his eyes at his antiques and pressed his lips on your head before changing. He emerged from the bathroom in plaid pants and no shirt. 
    Lovino set his gun underneath his pillow and a knife next to his nightstand just like any other night. He kept a spare cartage of bullets in the nightstand draw. He made a mental checklist before Turing the light off and bring you closer to him. As a mafia boss, one could never be too carful. 
    "Your back," you murmured sleepily. Sighing, you opened your (e/c) eyes. Lovino had the ever persistent scowl on his face as he regarded you. You swept some of his dark brown bangs out of the way, he took your hand and kissed it. Even though his expression was the same, his hazel eyes softened with love and adoration as they always did when he saw you. 
    "I told you I would, ragazza." He said, "How did it go with Kiku?"
    "It went well. He's starting to get his territory back from Yao." 
    "Tell him not to fuck with us. We already have Ivan and Yao trying to kill us." You flinched as you heard that. The memory of Ivan stabbing and then drowning you are still rather tramatic at times. You felt your scar throb even though it had healed. Ghost pain the doctors had called it or something like that. Your hand involuntarily made it to your stomach, which Lovino noticed. He thought it was your scar since your scare ran from your shoulder to your stomach. 
    Leaning down, Lovinos lips grazed the scar on your shoulder. "What's bothering you?" He asked. 
    "Do you remember what you asked me last year?" 
    "About.....?" He continued kissed you. He set small kisses on your neck and started working his way up. 
    "If I was willing to start a family in this kind of environment." 
    "Si," he pulled back and stared into your eyes. "Do you want to do-"
    "No," you said quickly. "Um, do you know.... about having kids?" You asked him nervously. 
    "(Name?)" He stopped kissing you. For a second you were worried. He looked down at your stomach. "Is it true?" He asked. You nodded. You took his hand and guided it to your stomach. 
    "I'm pregnant," you said. You smiled as Lovinos face morphed into one of surprise and then into shock and then disbelief. "Are you.....happy?" 
    "Happy? Si. Mia amore, your pregnant! I'm going to be a papa! Of course I'm happy!" He smiled right back. He leaned down and kissed you tenderly. "Thank you, mia bella," he said as he kissed you again. "Thank you. Thank you. Thank you." He said between the kisses. 
     "So, when should we announce it?" You asked breathlessly. 
     "Tomorrow, but for now you should sleep. You should be resting." 
     "Not even five minutes and your already bossing me around." You yawned and snuggled closer to him. 
     "I would even dare. Ti amo," he kissed your head and closed his eyes. 
     "Love you, too." 


     "Was?!" (What?!) Gilbert yelled and that was soon followed up by a loud thud as his body hit the ground. 
     "Um....Gilbert?" You poked him. 
     "He's in shock," Francis started fanning him. "And I don't blame him." 
     "Congratulations, you two. Soon there'll be a mini Lovi or a mini (Name) running around. I can't wait!" Antonio gave you a carful hug. This caused Lovino to let out a string of curses. 
    "Congrats, mon cher." Francis said. 
    You smiled. Lovino stopped chasing Antonio around yet curses fell from his mouth. You giggled and kissed him on the lips. 
    This automaticallly shut him up. You didn't care if the boys were making catcalls. Lovino seperated rom the kiss and started cursing at them again. 
    "Wait!" Gilbert sat back up. For the first time, I caught him off guard. "Who's going to be the godfather then?"
    "Good question, Gilbert." Francis rubbed his stubbled chin.
    "It should be the awesome me," Gilbert laughed.
    "Clearly, amigos." Antonio beamed. "Its going to be me,"
    "Like hell you are!" Lovino growled. They ignored him and went on. 
    "There's also the fact if it's a petite fille or garcon," Francis said.    
    "I say it's gonna be a girl. I can teach her to be a total badass!" Gilbert fistpumped. You rolled your eyes at his antics.
    "No. A boy. He's be adorable as a tomato," Antonio cooed.
    "You bastards are getting-" Lovino growled.
    "New bet!" Gilbert said. "One grand that it's going to a be a mädchen!" 
    "Two grand that it going to be a chica!" Toni put his money on the table.
    You just sighed. Typical of them. 
    "Should we just tell Uncle Roma?" You asked Lovino. 
    "Ask me what?" Roma strolled in. He puffed his jacket and winked. Roma held your hand. "Anything you need, (Name?)" He asked. "Don't be afraid to tell me anything."
    This time Lovino rolled his eyes. A ghost of a smile made it's way to his face. "She's pregnant." 
    "Che cosa?" Roma was speechless before his face broke into a large smile. "Congratulations mia figlia!" He hugged you carfully. "Congratulations, Lovi. You finally had to the guts to do it, eh?" He hugged his grandson. "I'm so proud."
    "Hahaha! Suck it losers! I win the bet!" Gilbert cheered. "He did it!" You felt your face flush red as you figuredd what they were talking about.
    "A bet?" Lovino asked in a stern voice. "You bastards made another bet?" 
    "Now, now Lovi. It was just a harmless little bet." Roma held his hands up. 
    You facepalmed. It was a secondary response now.
    "You betted on our-" you didn't even finish. You just reached for your gun. "You have five seconds before I kill all of you."
    That day you struck fear into their hearts but they still betted if it was going to be a boy or a girl.


    You closed your eyes and laid down on the bed. You let out a breath that you had been holding. Telling your parent that you were pregant-especially your dad-was extremly tense. 
    "What did they say?" Lovino laid on his stomach next to you.
    "They were suprisingly okay with it." 
    "And your father......?"
    "He was surprised but he trusted that everything was okay."
    "Glad to know he won''t kill me with his shotgun." 
    You giggled. He rolled over and hovered over you. You smiled reaching up and running your hands through is brown hair.
    "Are you happy?"
    "Is that even a question?" He said back.
    "Is that even an answer?" 
    "Yes, (Name.) I'm very happy," Lovino pressed a kiss onto your forhead. "Ti amo."
    "I love you, too." You said. "And so will our son......"
    "Son?" He smirked. "Why a son? Don't girls usually want a daughter?" 
    "You want a daughter?"
    "Si. I want her to be as beautiful and smart as her mother."
    "But I want a son who'll be as kind yet strong as his father."
    "Whatever our child will be......he or she will be loved..." You kissed his cheek. "But if you want to settle this.....shall we make a bet?" you whispered in his ear. "So what will it be?" 
    "I say a girl," he smirked.
    "I'll say a boy," You said.
    "If I win, what do I get?" Lovino asked.
    "Something......." You said suggestivly.  "But if I win.....?" You asked. You batted your eyelashes inocently. Lovino smirked as you. 
    "Anything your heart desires, amore." 
    "Then the wager is set." 
    He leaned down and pressed his lips against yours and sealed the bet with a passionate kiss. 
    Okay watchers.........what do think it would be. A girl or a guy?
Mafia!Romano X Tomboy!Reader. Is it true?
I need to make more time to write. I swear. I'm just losing it.
    Soon the early morning turned to mid noon as you rode around the capital.
    You took a break and stopped at the Tavern. 
    "Hello, kid." 
    You looked up to see Drew. She sat down next to you as she passed you a drink. 
    "Hey," You said.
    "What's with the dull look?" She inquired.
    "Life?" She raised a perfect eyebrow. 
    "Yeah...." You hesitated before asking her. "You know most things about things happening in the Underground, right?" 
    "Force of habit. People talk. It's not my fault that I listen in."
    "So what do you know about this?" You pulled out the symbol. "Has anybody walked in with this?"
    Drew looked at the drawing of the symbol. "Hmmm." She put a finger to her lips. "When I think of it....A few nights back. A rather handsome fellow walked in here. I remember serving him drinks and saw that exact symbol around his neck. Another mate of his came around and I was shooed away. Rude if you ask me. Anyways, I didn't mean to listen in but I swear to Queen Rose that they were talking about a man named Alec."
    You froze. "As in the Alec? The Duke Alec Monteres?"
    "Yup. The very one," Drew said. She looked around before whispering, "He's alive." 
    "No clue." Drew shrugged.
    "I need to go," You got up and grabbed your bag. "Thanks, Drew." You handed her a tip.
    "Anytime." She said as she stuffed the money in her corset.
    Outside, your horse was tied up and munching on some carrots. "Time to go, girl." You mounted the saddle. 
    You kicked your horse into full gallop as you raced to the city. If he was alive and was after your sister then there were far more worse things to come.

    "I hope you're glad with your engagement, Arthur." King Gerald said.
    "Ah yes. The engagement." Arthur said as he felt the depression sneak up on him again. "Wonderful," he said in a monotone.
    King Gerald laughed as he patted Arthurs back. 
    "It can't be that bad," the King said. "Love will grow over time, my son."
    "I'm just not ready for this."
    "You'll be King when your twenty. You're twenty. You'll have to find a wife before your twenty one." 
     King Gerald walked with Arthur through the place gardens. The songbirds tweeted and the afternoon sun shone down upon them. 
     "I need to meet her first," Arthur sighed. "I don't even know what kingdom she's from!"
     "It's politics."
     "I'll have to agree with that." 
     "Your highness!" The royal advisor in his robes ran out. His double chin dripping with sweat. He stopped when he saw Arthur. "Ah! Prince Arthur!" He bowed before turning to the king. "We have a problem." He said cryptically. 
     "What?" The king raised an eyebrow. 
     "That problem." The advisor nodded. 
     "Ah." The king felt his blood pressure go up. This was not good.  "Yes. That." He turned to Arthur. "I'm afraid I'll have to take my leave today." He walked away with the advisor whispering underneath their breaths. 
     Arthur kept walking through the gardens. He found a gazebo hidden away in the shrubs where he sat down. There was small table and two chairs within. Arthur sat down and put his head in his hands.
    What was he going to do? His parents had pressured him to marry and he had to repay a debt to the Kingdom of Hiella. 
    He was thinking so much he didn't even notice then shrubs beginning to grow and move. The shuffling if the leaves caught his attention and soon a ball of fire formed in his hand aimed at the shrubs. 
    The shrubs gave way and out tumbled out you. You landed with a thud. Your jacket a mess and your hair wind blown. "Hey, Artie." 
    "You idiot. I nearly could have killed you." Arthur helped you get up. "You're a mess." He pulled a twig out of your hair. 
    "We have a problem."
    "We've been having a quite but of those." 
    "Anyways." You sat down across from him. "Do you know Duke Alec Monteres?" You asked him. 
    "Yes. the famous dark Mage that killed-" he stopped. "Yes." He said again. 
    "He's alive." You said. 
    "What?!" Arthur blurted out. 
    "And he's the one who's going to kill my sister." 
    "We need to find Lukas!" He pulled out a spell book. 
    "What are you doing? If you use magic here, you're dead." You hissed out. 
    "Pish, posh. It's a quick transportation spell." He started to chant the spell. Tendrils of fire enveloped the both of you. You held your breathe and moved closer to Arthur. The fire seemed to be closing around the both of you. 
    You flinched. "Hold on." He said into your ear. Your fingers curled around the sleeve of his jacket and buried your face in his back. 
     There was a bright flash of light and you felt your ears pop as the pressure increased. Your (h/c) hair fell out of your braid and swirled around you. Arthur seemed to be fine but you were unfamiliar with this. Lukas would use a transportation stone. That was more smoother but it took a while. 
     You felt your feet touch the ground again. "Is it over?" Your eyes were still closed. 
     "Yes, Princess. We are here." 
     You stepped away from him and into the crowded streets of the Black Market. 
     "C'mon!" You grabbed his hand and tugged him forward. Arthur protested but you ignored him. 
     Vlad's shop appeared, tucked away and ready for customers. 
     "Vlad!" You bursted through the door. Vlad who was trying to dust off the shelves fell off his stool. 
    "Hello, draga." He rubbed his sore butt before getting up to greet you.
    "Where's Lukas?!" You grabbed him by his scarf and asked in a paniced tone.
    "Mr. Too-Uptight? Oh," Vlad put a finger to his lips. "I think he's in the back looking for a charm." You rushed past the Vampire and into the storage room.
    "Well," Vlad dusted himslef off. "Somebody's in a hurry." He turned to the Prince who inspected a jar of fairy wings. "Besides that, I've hear that you've gat an arranged marriage." 
    "Please do not remind me."
    "You'll have to settle one day, Prince."
    Arthur grimaced even more.

England X Reader. Fairy Tails vs. Magic Ch 6
Enjoy. It's short I know'll get another one in soon.
Family Doctor

      Brooklyn, NY. 12:09 AM

    Lovino Vargas growled as he felt pain explode on his left side. He ducked behind a fallen table before he could inspect his wound. 
    When he saw that Vodka drinking bastard, he was going to wring his neck with his stupid ass scarf. 
    The bullet had lodged itself somewhere his arm and he was still bleeding heavily. His left arm was too injured to even be useful. 
    "Feliciano!" Lovino growled. "Where the f*** are you?"
    Feliciano Vargas slid across the floor while still firing his guns. He rolled onto the floor and stopped by the table where his fratello was. Feliciano reloaded his pistol before firing at the enemy again. 
    "Si, fratello!" 
    "Tell that Tomato bastard to snipe that goon over there," Lovino pointed towards the Goon who had tottos covering his arms. He sat on top of a red Jeep watching over this bloodbath.
    "Got it! Can you cover me, fratello?"
    "Do you not see I'm injured, you f****** idiot!" 
    "Luddy!" Feliciano waved at his boyfriend. Ludwig scowled and turned his head towards Feli. He was fighing with his fist along with Gilbert. He got the message and belayed it towards Antonio who was waiting for the signal.
     It happened in a flash. The lights went out and a series of shots were heard. 
    Then the lights flickered on. Ivan's stupid goons were either dead or being finished off by Lovino's men.
    "You stinking Italians!" The Goon with the tatoos stood up. "When Ivan hears about this, he'll cut your sorry little-" He didn't finish. A knife sailed through the air and lodged itself in his skull. He stared wide eyed before falling off the Jeep. His body hit the ground with a thud.
    "That's what Ivan gets fro trespassing on our turf," Lovino growled.
    "Now that is settled, how about we go calebrate," Francis suggested. He juped out from the resses. Antonio climbed down fro the roof with his sniper.
    "Before we can do any of that, we need to do something about our wounds," Ludwig said as he inspected the cut on Feli's cheek.
    "I'll agree with you on this one, Patato bastard." Lovino tore a piece off his shirt and tied it on his arm in order to stem the flow of blood.
    "We need Doc," Gilbert said. "I kinda miss the frau. She's awesome and it's a bonus that's she's hot."
    "I'll agree with you on that, mon ami." Francis laughed pervetedly. "Fiesty as well."
    Lovino wanted to stranggle their necks but given the condition he was in, he couldn't. Still, he wouldn't mind seeing the Doc again. It was a good excuse.
    "Alright. Potato Bastards brother and Tomato Bastard, you'll get Doc. Macho Potato going to take us back to HQ."
    "Fine," The two said reluctantly. They didn't want to deal with Doc this late at night.

Manhatten, NY. 12:30 AM.

    You were the Family Doctor. You had treated many patients, making sure that the Family ran normally. But once in a while it could be sressful.
    Naps are nice. Especially when you haven't slept three days strait. 
    As a Doctor, no sleep and a high workload are part of the job. You were use to it. For some reason, it was fufilling and gave you apurpose in life. The stress was a good distraction from life. A working maniac would only be scratching the surface.
    You were so tired you didn't even bother changing your clothes. Your lab coat hung off the chair and you jumped into bed. 
    The front door opened. You coulding hear it. You thought it was your puppy, Toby. He was restless. You pulled the covers closer to your body. 
    "Aw. She so cute when she's sleeping."
    "I would feel really unawesome if we woke her up."
    "We hate wake the chica up. Lovino needs her."
    "You're doing it. Last time I woke her up she punched me in the face."
    Someone grabbed your shoulder and gently shook you awake. You brushed off thier hand and pulled the pillow closer to you. 
    "C'mon, Chica. Lovino's going to kill us." 
    Antonio tried waking you up by poking your cheek. He suppressed a giggle as he did that. He used to to do it to Lovino when they were kids.
    "This is so cute-" Your hand flashed out and grabbed his. He felt finger was behind twisted by your delicate fingers. 
    Your (e/c) eyes opened slowly as you gave Antnio the most scariest glares ever. He let go of your hand. Him and Gilbert took a step back. 
    You yawned and stretched. "Antonio, why are you waking me up at this ungodly hour?" You said in a deadpan voice.
    "W-w-well you see D-Doc. We kinda need your help since we ran into a certain situation," Gilbert said.
    "Oh. Is everyone okay?" You asked in a concerned voice. 
    Both of them blinked at your sudden change in mood. One minute you were going to kill them and the next you were being the cutest thing ever.
    "Yes, but Lovino kinda got shot."
    "Typical of that idiot," You sighed. You got out of bed reluctantly. You didn't care if your hair was a mess or you smeeled like Germ X. 
    The joys of being a doctor. 
    On the ride to their HQ, you kept dozing off. 
    How did you end up being a Family Doctor? 
    It all started when you took the subway from the Hospital.

    Being a Doctor meant working late shifts at the hospital.
    Your parents had warned you over and over again not to walk the streets alone. Especially at night. But you didn't care. They didn't even bother about you so why should you even bother to listen to them? 
    The night was full of noise from the city. Even the allyway couldn't block the noise. You walked on. You didn't even realize that you were being trailed until somebody had a gun pressed to your back.
    "Where are you going, little lady?" Ugh. So cliche.
    "I'm going home, you drunken buffoon."
    "Oh. Girly got a mouth." You could hear him chuckling. For some reason you were calm. You had dealt with much worse people. "How about-?"
    "Oi! Leave the bella ragazza alone?" A voice said. 
    "Bella ragazza?" Your turned your head to see a man with dark brown hair that had a slight curl stickin out. He walked out of the shadows like a ghost. You observed a gun in his jacket and a knife strapped to his sleeve. 
    Mafia. That's what came into your head. The suit, the badass look and the gun just shouted ganster.
    "How about we share?"
    "Ugh! Disgusting."
    "Let the girl go and we can settle this. Man to man." 
    Well.... someones macho, You thought sarcastically. 
    "Go jerk off somewhere else, Vargas." 
   He walked towards the hobo. "Hey man, I just want the girl." He brought the knife out and slashed Vargas on his arm. Lovino had jumped back and clutched his arm. The hobo pointed a gun at him."Bastard." 
    'Screw this," You said. You had brought your elbow back into his ribs. He let you go. You grabbed his arm with the knife and twisted it until you heard a satisfying crack. Then you kicked the gun out of his hands. Fiannly you grabbed his by the collar. 
    "Listen, you misogynistic asshole. Women are not something you screw in an allyway. We can kick your ass and the next time you even try to lay on hand on another women, think about this one encounter," you growled and let him go. "Beat it." 
    He scrambbled and ran off. 
    "You okay?" You asked Vargas. He looked up at you with disbelief. You didn't know that was the moment that Lovino Vargas had fallen in love with you.
    "That was....what...." he stumbled.
    "Okay...." You grabbed his arm and inspected his hand. "You're injured." 
    You pulled him to his feet and grabbed his arm. He protested as you dragged him away. Your grip on his arm was rather strong.
    "Hey, ragazza?!" He said annoyed. "Where the hell are we going?!"
    "My house. That cuts going to be infected and you need it treated." You looked back and smiled at him. That smiled floored him. "Don't worry. I'm a doctor,' You aid like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

    You didn't even realize that you had made to their HQ which was really a private hotel. The top few floors was basically a mansion on the top. Being in the 'bussiness', Lovino and his intresting family had quite a decent amount of money.
    The elevator ride was quite. Francis stayed silent while you snored. Antonio was gushong on and on about how adorable you looked.
    The elvator doors opened up to reveal the living room which already had a fire going.
    "Bella ragazza!" Felicano jolted you from your dazed state. He gushed on about what happened and thanked you for being here. "We're okay. Just minot cuts and bruises," He pointed to his cheeks which had dried up blood on it. "But Fratello was shot, he's bleeding pretty badly Doc."
    "You're brother is quite an idiot." The men behind you snickered. Feliciano smiled widened even further. "Where is he?"
    "Took you long enough, Doc!" 
    "Lovino, you should have goten me sooner," You growled.
    "You were too far away," He snapped back. 
    You rolled your eyes at his behavior. You were so used to it now. "Felicano, get hot wat. Antonio, if you have any chlorofoam, I'll need it. And you," You glared at Lovino. "Need to sit down or you'll bleed even more all over the place."
    "Fine, Doc." He sighed. He laid back on the couch.
    You dug through your medical bag to find some Anesthetics. It should numbed the bullet wound enough to use a scapel and a pair of forcepts in order to get the bullet out. Hopefully the bullet didn't go to deep but judging from the amount of blood on his shirt, you could say it was a lot.
    You brought out your scissors and started cutting the sleeve off. "What the hell are you doing?" 
    "Trying to treat your wound," You grabbed onto his arm. 
    "It's Armani!"
    "Is that sopose to sway me?" 
    He grubled as he took his shirt off. You rolled your eyes at him.
    Carfully you dabbed the Anesthetics onto the area of the would. Lovino hissed in pain and annoyance.
    "Be a man," You said. 
    The scapel was the hardest part. You had to carfully make to incision along the cut so you could have better access ot the bullet. You looked up at Lovino. He looked away from you but you could see that he was gritting his teeth. 
    "Anotnio," you nodded at the Spaniard. He swabbed the blood away on the cuts.
    Here was the trickiest part. Feliciano fainted at the sight of the blood so Ludwig was helping you. You had to admit the mad was quite brilliant. Why was he in this place anyway? Was it because of Feliciano?
    Ludwig handed you the forceps. You carfully prodded inside of the incision looking for the bullet. You felt the forceps prod something. It could have been bone or the bullet. 
    Lovino growled as you prodded the bullet again. "Godamnit, woman!"
    "Tch. Maybe if you were more carful I wouldn't have had to do this, you idiot." You prodded the bullet again. Lovino glared at you. Usually people would be intimidated but you've put up with the behavior long enough to not care.
    You had Ludwig administer morphine to the area so that you could get the bullet. After a minute you carfully extracted the bullet from he wound. Blood gushed out and you had to work fast. 
    Antonio handed you the bandages as you disinfected the wound. You brought out the thread and needle. You stiched up the wound and made sure that the stiches were secure before washing the blood off with a sponge. When it was deemed sterile and sanitized, you applied the bandages.
    "There." You stood up on unsteady legs. "Done. Who's next?" 
    Lovino grumbled a thanks. Though it was small, it felt nice to be appreciated for your har work. Even if if it was Lovino Vargas being a prick.
    By the time you had treated every cut, broken limb and wound, it was three AM in the morning. 
    "Well, goodnight then." You walked towards the elevator. 
    Antonio saw that you were going to fall down any minute. "Maybe you should stay here for the night, Doc. It's too late and we'll take you back tomorrow." 
    "It's okay, Antonio. I can handle myself-" Your legs gave out that exact minute. Ludwig and Antonio both lunged forward to catch you. The set you upright. 
    "I think it best if you rest, Doctor. You look like you have had no sleep," Ludwig said.
    "How much sleep did you get anyway?" Antonio asked as he steadied you.
    "Thrity minutes. Max." 
    "Today?" Ludwig asked. 
    "No. In he past five days."
    "What?!" Everyone went.
    "Frau. Even I know you shouldn't be doing that," Gilbert said from the couch. "And I'm not a doctor."
    "You shouldn't be doing that, Doc." Antonio said. He frowned. It's the first itme you've seen him frown. "You shouldn't work so hard all the time. You should learn to relax. You'll kill yourself at this rate." 
    "I know, Tony. It's just when I do relax I felt useless," You chuckled dryly. "Old habits don't die, you know."
    "You're not useless, Doc. Your the only person who treats us when we get hurt. Who else would have helped Lovino if not for you? You're really strong and kind and pretty. No wonder big brother likes-" Francis clasped a hand over Feli's mouth. 
    "Miss (Name,) you looked like you're going to collapse. We insist that you sleep," Francis said.
    "Fine." You smile weakly. "It's not like I can say no. Goodnight and don't reopen your bandages or I will kill you!" You say.
    You walked up to the guestroom that you usally used when it was too late to go home. You opened the door and closed it, not caring if it was unlocked. There was a nice comfy bed and you just wanted to sleep. The lab caot was hanging on the post as you flopped into bed. You curled up underneath the blankets as your mind fell asleep.

10:30 AM

    Streams of sunlight flowed into the room and onto your face.
    You opened your eyes lazily. You body didn't ache anymore, your mind felt relaxed and there wasn't anything nagging you.......until you read the clock. 
    "I'm late" 
    Literally, you jumped out of bed and grabbed your labcoat. You were so late!
    "No, you don't." Somebody grabbed your hand and pulled you back into bed. You landed with a 'poof'. His arms wrapped around your waist keeping you there and not letting you go.
    "But I'm-" you tried to protest and get up again. He had you pinned before you could get up. Lovino glare at you with his green eyes before pressing his lips against yours. 
    Everytime his kisses made you dazed. His kisses were either the most sweetest of pecks to the most passionate of kisses. This had to be his most passionate one yet.
    "I called in telling them that you were taking the rest of this week off. You'll be staying her so can relax a little and stop working yourself to f****** death," he said.
    "I'm not-"
    "And I'm a f****** bunny." He leaned down and pressed a kiss on your forehead. "You need to relax more often, (Name.) I don't want to see my girlfriend always so stressed. I know about your family and I know why you work so hard." He twirled a strand of your (h/c) hair. "They can't bother you anymore. You can relax now, you idiota." 
    "Your such a jerk, you know that." He let you go. You turned around and curled up next to him. Your eyes closed again. "How did you become my boyfriend again?"
    "You liked me, I liked you. Isn't that how it usually goes?" His fingers ran through your messy hair. "Besides, you're the one who takes care of me when I'm hurt?"
    "Only because I can't live without you." You yawn as you feel sleep creeping up on you. 
    You felt something brush you lips softly. Just a sweet passing of warmth before his arms wrapped themselves around your tired frame and pulled you closer to his bare chest.
    "Ti amo," he whispered. A smile graced your lips as you lulled yourself back to sleep.
    You were the Family Doctor. You had treated many patients, making sure that the Family ran like normal. But you had Lovino Vargas, the heart of this Family, who kept you safe and in return you stayed by his side.

    3:45 PM

    "Well.....Feli? What's going on?" Antonio asked. "They have been asleep the whole day."
    The five of them sat around the table and enjoyed breakfast.
    "Nothing. Just Romantic things," He sat down next to Ludwig innocently.
    The Three infamous memeber froze. Gilbert bursted out laughing and soon Francis joined in. 
    "What type of Romantic things?" Francis asked.
    "Our Lovi's becoming a man!" Antonio joined the laughter.
    Feli looked at them confused. What did they mean? Maybe Ludwig would know.
    "Ludwig," He pulled the sleeve of the other man. "What-"
    "Please don't ask, Feliciano." His own face was turning pink.
    Felicano just shrugged and ate his pasta. 
Mafia!Romano X Doctor!Reader. Family Doctor.
I'm not dead. I swaer. I'm just busy with senior year.
Yup. I made a new Wattpad acount. 
You can find my story based on my Mafia!Romano fic and a few other original works I've been working on. Hope you guys will check it out. 
I'm under the name VeraChendra. 
Here's the link:…
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Yup. I made a new Wattpad acount. 
You can find my story based on my Mafia!Romano fic and a few other original works I've been working on. Hope you guys will check it out. 
I'm under the name VeraChendra. 
Here's the link:…
Love, Priya.
  • Mood: Eager
  • Listening to: The News
  • Reading: My Fanfics
  • Watching: CNN
  • Playing: Nothing.
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United States
I was born in Brooklyn and I am currently in my sophomore year.
My favorite color is purple.
I'm a serious person but I can have fun when I want too.
My favorite song is Fireflies by Owl City. I like listening to Vocaliod too.
I like to draw, watch anime, write stories and read a book in my free time.
I like uniqueness and I think it's okay to be yourself no matter how different you are.
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Weird fact: caffeine doesn't make me hyper, it the opposite, I fall asleep soon after.

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