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November 4, 2013
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   Tell me off in a letter
Completely ignore me
Getting high off of saying
Why you don't adore me?

    You ripped the note off your locker and crumpled it up before throwing it into the garbage can. You didn't even bother to look at it. They covered the inside of your entire locker.  You already knew what it said and you frankly didn't give a damn. 
    'Teachers Pet.'
    You started grabbing handfuls of them and let them fall to the floor. Others just laughed while some looked on in pity. They didn't want to help or they couldn't help because of the fear of ending up in your position. 
    "Oh. Poor (Name.)" A hand slammed shut your locker. You yelped and pulled your hand back in time. "Need some help, duck." You hated that nickname. He just randomly gave it to and you were bullied ever since. You growled and grabbed your bag leaving Arthur Kirkland behind. "Where are you going?" He grabbed your arm and spun you around. He gripped your arm tighter making you yelp. That would bruise. Just another to add to your collection of bruises all over your body. 
Baby, please, I'm well versed
In how I might be cursed
I don't need it articulated

    "Class." you responded. You pushed him away and ran to class trying to get away from him. He grabbed you and pushed you into the lockers. You wanted to scream for help but the hallways were clear. the five minute bell had rang leaving you and him alone. 
    "Your so pathetic and weak. Why do you waste you time here? You should go home because nobody here likes you, duck."
    "Kirkland. Your the one whose pathetic." His grip on you loosened. You took the opportunity to get up. "You bully those weaker than you. I don't give a damn about you or what you think, Kirkland and I never will. I'm not weak, you are." you walked away. You felt tears flow but you didn't have time to wipe them off.
    The late bell rang as you ran.
    Great. You were late. Again.
    Who cared if your late anyway? Nobody.

Stand in line wasting
All of your time just to hate me
Every dime gone to ways
You can find that might bait me
And drag me down, sight set proudly
Bring me to the ground see
You love to be somebody's enemy

(Arthur's Point of view)
    "I don't give a damn about you or what you think and I never will. I'm not weak, you are." (Name) ran away from me. That really did hit my heart. 
    "Trust me. I know." I said to myself. I just walked in the opposite direction. The teacher didn't care about my latenesses anyway. 
    I just walked until I found myself in the courtyard. It was quiet and nice here. I could sit down and think without having any girls bother me for once. Every girl but (Name) that is. 
    I don't know why I behave the way I do to her. It's not that I hate her, it's just that it's easy to tease her. She was rather lovely, had remarkable grades (almost as good as mine), and she was rather strong. 
    Perhaps it's her or it something else. I feel so confused. 
    I wish that she was here. 
    (Name) (Middle Name) (Last name.) The most loveliest girl I've ever laid my eyes on.
    Why do I have to be her enemy? Why did I turn everyone against her? Why is she confusing me?
Maybe nobody loved you when you were young
Maybe, boy, when you cry, nobody ever comes
Will you try it once?
Give up the machine gun
Machine gun

    I put my face  in my hands and sighed. A single droplet hit the ground. Was it raining? I looked up. It was beautiful, clear blue sky. I felt my cheek to find it moist. Great. I'm crying.
    What is that Americans say? 'What goes around, comes around.' In other words karma. 
    I guess I deserved it. I did bully her relentlessly. I bullied her until I saw tears come from her (e/c) eyes. Her lovely eyes. Now here were my tears. 
    I'm not the person to make friends. I have older brothers that bully me. I guess when (Name) tried to be kind to me, I lashed out because of how I was treated.  She was like me. Innocent and naive and I hated it. She didn't have to go through with what I had to so I was horrible to her. I wanted her to feel the pain I had to feel.
    Now I just want to say sorry for everything. Ha! Like she'll ever forgive me. She practically hates me. I blew my chance when I pushed her away when she offered to be my friend.
    Another tear hit the ground. Great. At least no one was here to see Arthur Kirkland cry. Not even (Name.)

Locked and loaded
You're practically floating away now
In your fortress you feel like
You're more or less safe now
But let me say I don't mean harm
Oh, but, baby, you'd be charming if you'd come undone
Get back where you started from

    (Back to you)
    You stopped running and turned around. He was gone, leaving nothing behind. 
    Why did you say that? You hated him so much and you said it in the heat of the moment but now you felt guilty. 
    Yes, he was your bully but you didn't want to be like him. Should you go back? Nah. He probably headed back to class. You took a step forward but stopped. Damn this guilt!
     You turned around and walked towards the direction where he was. You were going to make him listen to what you had to say but first you were going to apologize. Maybe he just needed a real friend. 
     This time you'll try. And this time you'll make him listen to you.

Never mind how you've rationed your time
And the battle is underway
Maybe times are gonna change
Don't just hide in the silence behind
What you've really been trying to say
What a skill, baby, aiming to kill me
With words you don't mean

      "Kirkland?" You called out. Nobody responded back to you. You wandered into the courtyard. Good thing there were no teachers here. 
      You sat down on a bench and looked up at the sky. What silence. You could use it. Nothing than the wind, the birds and-
      "I' s-sorry." Sobbing? You stood up to look around. Who could possibly be crying? It sounded like a guy. "I-I never meant to hurt you." You heard someone say. 
      Turning to the bushes behind the bench, you searched them. 
      "I'm so sorry (Name.)" You froze. You pushed aside a branch to see a boy crying. "It's my..... fault." The great Arthur Kirkland crying his eyes out. Over you. A nobody. "You were trying to help and I-I-I..." you saw as crystal tears hit the ground. 
     You felt sorry for him. He was in such a sorry state and this was over you! Great you felt even more guilty! Damn it!
     "I take it back. I'm so sorry. I can't even face you to say I'm sorry." he said to himself.
     "I forgive you." You whispered. You wrapped your arms around his shoulders and pulled him close to your chest. "Stop crying, Arthur." you said. "I forgive you." His silent sobs racked his body as he hugged you back. 
     "Why are you forgiving me?" he cried. "I've done nothing but horrible things to you but you forgive me! How's that fair?"
     You sigh and pull him to arms length. You cupped his face wiping away the tears that fell from his emerald eyes. "Because you just needed a friend. Remember when I offered to be your friend, I said 'I'll always be there no matter how much you push me away.' Stop crying, Arthur. It doesn't suit you." you leaned your forehead against his and smile. 
      "Thank you, love." he pressed a kiss against you forehead. 
      "What happened to duck?" 
      "It's a stupid name I gave you. Besides your absolutely lovely, so love' suits you just fine." He looked at your red face. "Are you okay, love?"
      "Y-yeah." 'How cute.' Arthur thought. 
       You both flinched at the sound of the bell signaling lunch.
     "Shall we, love?" he pulled you up and pulled you into the courtyard where students were coming out for lunch. 
     "Are you sure it's okay if I walk with you?" you asked. You noticed the girls that gave your glares. Arthur noticed them and smirked. 
     He didn't respond but swooped down to peck your cheek. "They won't bother you, love." He held your hand and smiled.
     You smiled back and let him lead you away. 

Will you try it once?
Give up the machine gun
Will you try it once?
Give up the machine gun
Machine gun
Request for : funkylime123
I tried my best and I hope you like it. I think I may have killed England's character. 
Comments and feedback appreciated. 

Song: Machine Gun by Sara Bareilles 
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You both flinched at the sound of the bell signaling lunch.
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