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'Breaking news! John and Daisy (l/n), the CEO's of Star industries, have announced their new heir of the company. Haley (l/n). They announced it this last night.'

     Being the average New Yorker, You calmly drank your coffee and watched the news. 

'Isnt this darling just adorable. According to our sources, she will inherit the company on her 21st birthday. Her congratulatory gala is tomorrow night and we'll be-'

    You didn't listen to rest of it. You grabbed the rest of your pastry and left the money on the counter. After pulling your hoodie on and grabbing your skateboard, you made your way out.
    You set your skateboard on the ground and made your way to your college. You dodged people and cars. You nearly ran into some old lady.
    "Watch where your going, young man!" she screeched at you. 
    "I'm a girl." you mumbled to yourself. You only concentrated to get to collage on time.
    You were only a sophomore in collage. You had made only three friends in your collage and they were-
    "(Naaaammmmeeeeee!)" you were glomped by your friend, Amelia. She nearly knocked you off your skateboard. The blonde American strangled you in a hug. "What's up, dudette?" 
    "Stop strangling her, you twat!" Your other friends Victoria dragged the hyper American off you.
    "Nice to see you too, Amelia." You tried to fix your messy hair but just gave up and put it back into your baseball cap.
    "So I heard you were inheriting your parents company?" Amelia asked you. She leaned foreword. 
    "It's Haley." You said. 
    "Oh." A awkward silence filled in between you three until....
    "(Name.) Mon petite amie!" Francine ran full speed on heels to you. "It's true, isn't it?!" she waved the paper in your face. 
    "Yeah." you scratched the back of your head.
    "So? Who wants to go to a party tonight?" Amelia asked  trying to break the atmosphere.
    "Who's again?" Victoria asked. 
    "Alfred Jones." she sighed. You knew she had a crush on the jock.
    "If we're going then you are going to have to dress in something nice." Francine looked at your clothes in disgust.
    "My clothes are perfectly fine, thank you. And I'm not going." you looked down at you (f/c) hoodie, favorite band tee shirt, skinny jeans and (f/c) converse. You felt your baseball cap on top of your head.
    "You look like a tomboy!"
    "Really, I never knew!" you said sarcastically.
    "Okay enough chit chat." Victoria looked at her watch. "We late! we're late! Oh! we're late." she chanted in her british accent.

    After nearly being late to your class you had to sit through another boring lecture on electronics. You were majoring in engineering so your first class was electronics.
    After a long day and bidding your friends goodbye, you phone rang. 
    You put the phone to your ear and said "hello?"
    "(Name!) Did you hear the news? I'm the next heir!" Haley's excited voice rang out. She sounded so excited.
    "That's great, Hal." you responded. 
    "You coming home?" 
    "See ya there." you put your phone back in your pocket and skated back home on your skate board. 
    See, since your parents live in the country to be closer to their company, they live on the other side of the Hudson. The grassy non smelly side. So you had stopped at a ferry to get to the other side. When you got off the ferry you packed your skateboard and walked literally into the back yard of your house- I mean mansion.
    "Good evening, Miss (Name.)" Your butler, Kiku, said. He held open the door to the kitchen open.
    "Hello, Kiku." you walked past him.
    "I presume you heard the news?"
    "Yes. I did." 
    You made your way to the main dinning room. You heard laughter and the tinkling of glasses.
    "I knew my dear Haley would be perfect. She's smart and bright." You heard your father say. That stabbed your heart a little.
    "Excuse me, father." you knocked on the door.
    "Come in." the laughter stopped and everything was silent as you walked in. Inside you wanted to shrink and run to your room but you had guest there so you stayed. 
    "So. This is your...." one the guest gestured to you. 
    "Our daughter, (Name.)" Your mother said, she smiled sweetly at you.
    "Oh." they looked at you in surprise.
    "She's my twin." Haley chirped.
    They looked even more surprised. Yeah, so you had a darker shade of (h/c) than your sister and your eyes weren't as sparkling or beautiful as your sisters. 
    Let's flashback shall we. 
    You were the the twin sister of Haley (L/n) and daughter of Daisy and John (L/n). You both had been born into this life. The thing was that you were nothing like twins. It wasn't like good or evil twins but more like different interests. You spent most of your time as kid studying and learning unlike Haley, who played and was carefree.     
    You two were close but your parents started to spend more time with her instead of you. They would take her to parties and show her off. As if the prepared her to be a spoiled young girl. She wasn't a brat, no. She was innocent and beautiful . You might have been twins but you looked and felt nothing alike.     
    For some reason, you never held any resentment. You let it go. She was your darling little sister after all.You could tell her everything and she would trust with her secrets. You never told how you really felt but you were okay with that. As long as you sister was happy.
     Although sometimes all you wanted was for your parents to look at you the way that they look at Haley. You brought your grades up and became the smartest person in your school but that still didn't seem to please them. You loved them but you never knew if they just let you stay because your were the 'other' daughter. They gave you things you wanted but not what you needed.
    So back to the the dinner.
    Haley beckoned you to sit next to her but you gave her a sad smile and shook your head.
    "Would you like to sit with us, (Name?)" your father asked. He smiled a warm and welcoming smile but the guests gave you dirty and menacing stares.
    "No. thank you father. I have a study session later on, I just came to get my books. Perhaps another time."
    "Oh. That's to bad. Enjoy your studying." 
     You left and Kiku closed the door behind you.
    "Sharr I get the car ready?" Kiku asked. He had a set of clothes on a plater. 
    "I'll change and sneak out. You know where to meet me." You grabbed your clothes and went up to your room.
    "Yes, my lady." he said.
    You reached your room, one that was right next to Haley's. You opened the door quietly and slipped in. You changed into a (f/c)sport tank top with a (f/c) sports bra underneath. Sport shorts with legging under them and you tied your hair into a messy pony tail. You grabbed a jacket and didn't bother locking the door. Nobody would check on you anyway. You grabbed a bag with your phone and other essentials. You opened the balcony door and scaled down the mansion wall. You landed smoothly on the grass then you ran to the fence. You grabbed a pole and pole vaulted over it. You landed on the sidewalk gracefully as a shiny Chevy Camaro parked itself in front of you.
    "Miss (Name,) What is your destination?" You got in the passenger seat.
    "The Podsolnechnik  (1 подсолнечник) Fight club."
    "Into the Russian Mafia district?" He sped down the road to the bridge connecting you to the city.
    "Yes, my lady."

***Haley's point of view***
    "(Name?) Are you okay?" I peered inside (Name's) room. I didn't want to disturb her but maybe she was upset after the whole dinner event. 
    Papa and Mama broke off the contract with them because they disrespected (Name.) They were furious. If only (Name) knew though. She thought that they didn't love her but they do. Just she gave up on them and they gave up on her. The reason they pay more attention to me is because they gave up on her. They still love her, they really do.
    The balcony door was open. Perhaps she ran away. Oh no! She couldn't have done that! (Name) would never. 
    I looked out the balcony, all I saw was the river and the city. I hoped she was okay. 
    I left the balcony open and went back inside. I really wanted to talk to (Name.) I wanted her advice. 
    After waiting around for a few minutes, I laid down on her bed and closed my eyes. 
    'Maybe she'll be back by morning...' I though as I fell asleep.

***Mystery Person***
    "Yes, sir.....No. I have her in my sites. Should I kill her? not?!..but sir...yes but sir...fine...okay....I'll keep an eye n her." The man put away his phone and sniper. He looked at the (h/c) girl.
    So this was the heir to the company? Pretty pathetic if you asked him.
    It would be easy to kill the girl, no problem at all. He already had a plan.
    "Better watch out little girl, you may want to be careful." he said to himself and smiled a wicked smile. His eyes still watching the girl. "Ivan has unfinished business with you." 
Okay. Had an epic idea pop into my head and I had to share it with you guys.
So...What do you think?
Feel free to comment on it. I love critiques.

Edit: I'm going through all my fics and editing them.
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i have a twin sister but we look and feel nothing alike! XD This story describes me completely!
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I want a twin but not a twin sister but a twin brother that be so kawaii!!
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I'm so sorry to hear that, but I'm sure she would've almost been as awesome as Prussia :)
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TheRedGarnet Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2014
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MalevolentPetals Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2014  Student Writer
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Oh yeah I saw that xD thank you though
I'm not done reading yet though
TheRedGarnet Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2013
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is he aiming at me or my sister
TheRedGarnet Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2013
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OMG my best friends name is hailey (different spelling but who cares) and thats exactly like us!
kittykatrocks12 Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist

I don't know what its like to have a siblings I'm an only child ironically all my friends have siblings


Great story

TheRedGarnet Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2013
Thanks. Know the feeling. I'm an only kid. Most of this is based off me and my cousins relationship.

kittykatrocks12 Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist



Only child is it fun or lonely

TheRedGarnet Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2013
It can be fun but sometimes you wish you weren't alone.
kittykatrocks12 Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah same here though my dad often acts like a child telling lame jokes and just being stupid
o.o reader-chan sounds EXACTLY like me... AWESOME!!!!!
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She sounds like me too! xD
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