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January 1, 2013
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Part 1
    You sit in your room reading a limited collection of books from your books shelve. The book you read is the Grimm's collection of fairy tails. 
   You put down the book and sigh.
   How you wish your Prince Charming would come and save you from the hell your life was. 
   You spend your days going to school, come back, study, eat, do chores and sleep. Rinse and repeat. 
  "(Name?)" one of your only friends in this mansion called.
  A boy with blond hair and blue eyes opened the door to your room. His name was Ravais Alexi Galene Brindiski, Your step brother.
  "Hello (name) I got you something for your birthday." He said as he brought a (f/c) box with your name on it. It's your 16th birthday today. Sadly no one remembered it but Ravais.
  "Don't just sit there, open it."
   You untied the red ribbon and pulled of the top of the box.
   What met your eyes was a (f/c) dress. You took it out and held it in front of a full body mirror.
   It was a lovely off the shoulder dress, the fabric wasn't to frilly or to silky but a perfect blend of both, the skirt was layered and wide and the tiny designs on the corset/bodice made your eyes sparkle.
   " Ravais, thank you!" You set it in your closet and hugged your brother. 
   "No problem. I am just happy you like it (name)." He said as he ruffled your (hair color) hair. 
   "(Name!)" someone screamed.
    Your moment of happiness was shattered.
    In the door way stood Ravias's twin sister, Inessa. Imagine the girl version of Ravais with a scar on her face and the ridiculous old lady out fit you ever seen. That would be Inessa. 
   She always hated you. You never understood why, you had never done anything to her.
  "Don't you have somewhere to be, runt." She growled.
  "T-the kitchen." you stuttered. 
  "Yes the kitchen. Now get there before another knife is thrown at you!" She then turned to Ravais. "Brother, get to the meeting room. We have important guests coming over."
   You walk down to the kitchens to be greeted by the smell of foods be prepared. Apperently there was this major representive of some mafia that was coming over. 
   Oh right.  I like totally forgot. Ignore the vally girls accent, my inner Feliks came out. 
   Your the daughter of a famous mafia boss, Ivan. You are (name) (last name). Your were given your mothers last name back because your step mother didn't want you within the Brindinski family. Even though you are the next head to the Brindinski family not Inessa or Ravais. 
   Instead of holding guns and knives you were holding mops and frying pans. 
   When the twins were practicing with guns you were learning to practice balancing yourself when you were cleaning the widows. 
   When there was a attack and everyone was defending them selves you we hiding under your own bed like a coward. 
   You wished you could hold a gun or wield a sword and be lik your father who disappeared, leaving you in the care of your stepmother.  
  "(name), like could you totally make some Earl Gray tea?" your second friend in this mansion said Felicks, a cross dressing Polish maid was your best guy friend since you were eight. He knew absolutely everyone about fashion, that's why Inessa kept him as her fashion designer. Since he hates Inessa he alwas made sure that whatever she wore looked ridiculous and out  of style. 
  "Yeah, give me a minute."
  "So (name). Are you going to the gala your stepmothers going tO throw?" 
  "No. They would kill me if that ever happened. Since Im a non-Brindiski, I'm not allowed to attend in family business."
  "That dosnt stop me. I'm going. So it Liet." 
  "Thats because your part of the mafia family. Not directly of course but you work under them."
  "Like I totally know that. Are you done with the tea yet?"
  "Here, I'll get the sugar. Don't spill it on anyone."
  "Thanks (name), by the way don't forget. Your first lessons start tonight. Meet us by the hunting cabin. The woods at 10:00. Try to get out alive. By the way, Happy 16th birthday. Ill give you your present tonight" With that he gave you a wink and walked to the meeting room. 
  You finished your chores quickly and went back to your room to read the fairy tails for the hundredth time. 
  Tonight were your first lessons. 
  You were going to learn the art of weaponry and self defense. 

I know the titles a bit cheesy. I like fractured fairy tails and always wanted to write one.
I was writing the third chapter to my ongoing series and I got a little sidetracked and was reading stories on DA.
Then I got bored with that and scanned my book shelf hoping to get some inspirations and found The Grimm Fairy-tails.
Next I started to watch clips from my favorite Disney classics.
Finally remembering to type I found this thing called hetalia mafia. So digging in I found quite a few stories on Hetalia. Most we're Romano and Italy.
So during my little adventure through the web I watched this movie called Mirror Mirror. I loved that movie.
After all that I thought about fractured fairy tails and hetalia mafia.
Thus this was born form the confusing thing I call my mind.
Sorry if there's any mistake, feel free to comment and if you think that it's a bit cliche please do tell me.
Hope you like it.
Feel free to comment.
picture from: [link]
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